Sunday, May 31, 2015

God is the Master Crafter

I absolutely love Winter...the snow, the cold, the cozy feelings, the snuggling....
I adore Spring and how everything starts to turn green and flowers bloom!

However, I can't stand the humidity we have every year during the Summer months.  So I love to go outside when the sun is going down.

Sitting on the swing, feeling the warm breeze, smelling the sweet perfume from the flowers blooming, listening to the birds nestle in for the truly is my favorite time of day during Summer.

See how the sun shines brightly on the back deck...truly hard on these blue eyes.  I can barely see through the major squinting when I first step out.

My flowers seem to be loving all of that sun though.  I can't wait for everything to get bigger!

My most favorite flower ever...the Peony.  The way they smell, it's like Heaven!

The petals are proof that there is a God and He is an amazing artist!  

The beautiful shades of pinks and whites...oh my, they make my heart swoon!

Aren't they just gorgeous?!

~They smell so good on the porch~

A dear friend of mine and I have been working on her home for quite some time.  Her words were "I want my home to look and feel like your's" what better compliment could a gal get?  I recently made her curtains and some shade slipcovers, so she sent me photos of them after she got them up.  As I looked at the photos, I saw just how many things we've done to her home in the past year and a half.  It didn't seem like a lot, but if I listed everything, it would take up a page or more.  I am so happy that she is happy!  We've started working on her deck and let me say, we were sweating and wishing for a pool, lol!

She had a wreath hanging on a light she was wanting to change out.  Unfortunately, a Robin had chosen that for her newly built nest.  We couldn't see in the nest, but when we took it down, she was so heartbroken.

The mommy had laid 3 beautiful turquoise eggs.  I told her I would take it home with me so she wouldn't feel guilty.  
The work she put into her nest just amazed me!  I've never looked at a nest like this...the mud, the tightly woven grass, the perfection of it all!  Once again, God is definitely the master crafter!

And one last thing to share for now...I added some garden fencing to the canopy bed the hubby and I made.  Oh how I am loving it!

Have a blessed week and don't forget to thank God for all of His blessings big and small!


  1. Melanie, I love the pictures. You are a good friend. xoxo,Susie

  2. Beautifully written sentiments--I can almost smell the peonies! And I think your friend is getting her wish.

  3. O my, the bed is amazing i keep say i want a canopy bed but never got one yet. Its very lovely everything is. God is surely an amazing crafter. What are the shade slip covers ? And the peonies i will have to check on them for Mamas house. Dont know if they are San Francisco bound. Have a wonderful new week with love Janice A lovely post

  4. Melanie you are so gifted very thing you touch seems to be magical. Have a beautiful day. Jo

  5. That is such a great blessing for your friend. I am stuck in the way my home feels to me and it is causing me emotional issues. I will pray that the Lord would send me someone who could help me as you have helped her. You have a special gift and you have used it well. Well done.

  6. Your porch looks beautiful & I love the work you've done for your friend.....but what I don't understand is why you wouldn't leave the nest until Mama robin could hatch her eggs? :'(

  7. Yesterday I had a conversation with my mother about redecorating our home on our own. We discussed painting furniture and making fabric covers, etc. Of course, neither of us has ever done something like big. Tonight I found your blog and I plan to read it all. We want to achieve something very similar to what you are doing. I love, love, love all the white too. So I hope that you don't mind if I ask you a bunch of questions about how you do your things like painting your furniture, sewing up slip covers and all that other good stuff. I love your home and I love your blog :-D

  8. What an amazing friend you are! Everything looks amazing at both houses. Looking forward to your next post. God bless...

  9. LOVE the metal frame bed! Where did you get it? Is it an antique or a remake? Love your home and decorating taste!


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