Monday, May 25, 2015

Everything needs a "Refresh" sometimes

It seems like we all need a little change sometimes.  Whether it be a small floral arrangement, a different piece of furniture, new bedding or just rearranging.    Well, this past week has had all of these, a few extra things like paint!

If I can remember correctly, it started with that old cabinet Mom brought me that became the new kitchen island.  It has domino'd  from there, I guess.

I'm still smitten with that island...and I adore the new views!

So far, everyone has been able to find the silverware just fine.

I managed to do a little shopping while picking up a vanity from a local shop that I love to deal with.  Her name is Lesa and I feel like she is a long lost friend every time I visit.

Look at this gorgeous mirror she had for sale!  I had to paint it white of course!  Perfect for the mantle in our bedroom.

Another mirror she had that fit perfectly on top of the mantle upstairs.  The newly made curtain hides the gas stove.  The stool came from our oldest's room and got a makeover too.  

Just look at the details!

I am loving the all white theme...

This is the vanity I picked up and turned into night stands.

I also had another vanity in the garage that I worked on along with this one.

I won't bore you with my handy craftsmanship, but I will say that my handy dandy jig saw and I done a fantastic job making some wood match some missing pieces.  
Maybe you can spot them.

These ended up in our oldest's room.  She definitely needed more storage.  I cannot stand to see clutter and if things aren't hidden, I tend to see RED.

I used these in our retreat.  Photos to come of them later.  

See how the first set look with this beautiful bed?  That bed definitely takes center stage.  Please over look all of the posters...they drive me bonkers because of the dust factor!

Oh, that chenille spread was a yard sale purchase and I got 2 of them, 4 shams and two white cotton rugs for $20...can you say THRILLED and doing a happy dance?!  Not one stain on any of them.

See, no clutter.  These babies are loaded down with books and stuff!  You wouldn't believe it if I opened them up....really!

I even hung up her lights that she had strung over one window.  Now this looks like a glam closet for sure!

Now I am ready to rest!  I worked all weekend long.  Never once did I get into the pool...I just looked at it through the windows I was cleaning.

I hope everyone's week is a blessed one!


  1. So nice, so sweet, so wonderful. I love it <3

  2. "Boredom" will never be a word in your vocabulary.

  3. Melanie, You have worked an a wonderful re-do on those bedside cabinets. I love the mirrors also. You deserve a rest. :) Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  4. I love getting your posts in my email! I look forward to seeing what you have been up to! I love how you think outside the box and are so creative! Your new bedside tables are wonderful, such a clever girl! ♥ Jil

  5. You have no idea how I love to see a post of yours pop up. Your home just makes me smile and go AHHHH and think-OH IF....and then smile so more. It just says serenity and peace to me. xo Diana


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