Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New Things

I've been feeling a little better since starting back on synthroid for my thyroid.  I didn't want to go back but after having sever heart palps and a few thyroid storms, it is for the best.  
So, as you all know...I love to sew!  I pulled out my trusty machine and bought some sheets for some new curtains for the master.  I had so much fun sewing as the snow was falling outside.  I just love snow and I think I finally got my wish for some accumulation...6 inches!

While the snow was coming down...

And the day after...the sun is shining but it's a whopping 10 degrees, brrrrr!

The hubby is the only one that has been out of our driveway.  Hannah's school has been canceled because of the water issues and the weather since after Christmas break was over.  Sara's college hadn't started back until yesterday but she wasn't going out in this weather and taking a chance on wrecking.  I've so enjoyed having them home with me!

But all that being said....Isn't it beautiful? !!!

Ok, now back on topic.  Remember this window?

I just wasn't thrilled with it so I came up with something else.

But this wasn't thrilling me either.

So I did this...

Love it!

It still lets the light come in but hides the upper half of the window and roll down shade.  And it goes along with my British Rose theme perfectly!

Do you all have that same feeling when it just doesn't make you feel content on something?  Well, now I am content!

The straight panels make me feel content too...I had the pull backs for years and I was getting tired of the same old look.

I love how much light they let in!

Now I'll share the curtains I made for in between the bedroom and office area.
I wanted ruffles and for them to hang straight instead of the pull backs I had.  

They were pretty, but boy, was I getting tired of them!

A little more simple.

I had to make them ruffled on both sides because they are seen in both rooms.  Now that took some work!


After having the valance at the top,  these looked a little bare so I added an angel garland that my Aunt Linda gave me.   I'd love to find a scrolly iron piece I'm gonna keep my eyes open!

They give a little more privacy and now can be pulled closed if need be.  

Mom gave me this little candle holder as a Christmas present.  The candle smells so good but it was a yellow cream color that just was too much for my color scheme.

So I slip covered it since I don't burn candles.  Lace and ruffles....It turned out so cute!

This is one of my favorite spots....still lovin' the angel wings.

I'm still working on the fireplace...I kinda like this for now.  But you all know that I'll probably change it in a few days!

Now to the upstairs...

The straight valance was driving me I added some ribbon ties to let it hang and droop.  Ahh, much better!

It looks more like me....

Then I added some glass knobs to the china cabinet.


So that's what I've been doing yesterday and today.  We are still having water issues, and it seems that there has been a new revelation.  Another chemical leak that wasn't reported along with the original one.  Our water still smells and we are not using it.   It is definitely taking me back to the good ole days with bringing in water and warming it on the stove for baths, lol!  How I miss my showers!


  1. Love all the changes you made - everything looks terrific. I hate when you do something and your not happy with it until you make a change.
    The snow is so pretty - we need rain here in So CA.
    Have a great week.

  2. I admire you focusing on these wonderful projects in the face of the water issues. I like the idea of making something beautiful in the midst of an ugly situation. Thank you for sharing, Melanie.

  3. Oh my Melanie, everything looks heavenly! Wish you could come out to California and give me some pointers, plus do it too! ♥

  4. The windows turned out so pretty! I like the idea of hanging the valances. I will have to try that.

    Amy Jo

  5. I love all the changes you made. Everything is so gorgeous

  6. please share a tutorial on how you make your darling curtains!! I am so glad I found your blog.
    Stephanie from Washington State

  7. I was watching on the news about the water problem in your area, Melanie. What a mess that is!!!! Your window treatments are ALL wonderful. I really love the shirred balloon treatment in the bump out! LOVE it!!! You did a wonderful job! xo Diana

  8. You have been so busy and everything looks so beautiful. I'm sorry for all of the water trouble you are having. I hope everything is resolved soon!

  9. All your little changes look just beautiful...your house is so pretty. :)


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