Friday, January 10, 2014

More Sewing

There is a state of emergency for our county and 8 others due to contamination of water from a chemical that crept into our water plant in West Virginia.  No one can use the water except for flushing and for a fire hazard.  Water is being shipped in from other states and every store is selling out as quickly as it comes in.  It is a very eerie feeling to be told that we cannot use our water and it is answers as to how long this will last.  It is one thing if a water main breaks...but this is totally different.  It cannot be boiled and has a green color with a sweet smell like licorice. 

 Anywho, thankfully we have family in areas that haven't been affected that we can go to to take a shower and wash clothes.  I am so thankful for the way I was brought up in hard times and taught how to survive.  My husband was brought up the same way.  Those days have came in handy throughout the years and I can see how God has blessed us!

So, to keep my mind occupied, I've been doing some sewing.

I have been wanting a different look for our kitchen window.  The blue balloon shade just wasn't doing it for me and the light was making the blue actually look purple at times.

This is what I did....

I really like cafe' curtains and thought they would look nice for a change, and give a little privacy.

I like how the chandi is seen better and doesn't compete with the shade.  Lots more light coming in too! 

I always felt like I needed something on the window I don't.  The little bird is perfect for the simplicity I was wanting.

It's so hard to get a good photo of this always looks so dark but in reality it is really bright with lots of natural light.  The curtains are lined too.  Maybe one day when it is really sunny this summer  I can get a good one.

I re-did this pillow with some ruffles around the blue floral center from a bag that my sheets came in.  The "Shabby Chic" line from Target.  I have lots of those bags so instead of using them as a bag, I ripped it all apart and did this.  The blue and pink flowers match the blue floral really nice.

Then I made two of these with ruffles out of the Cherry Blossom fabric I had.  

I think I am finally content with the pillows and have enough of the blue in both rooms to make it look cohesive.

But...knowing me, I'll find something else to sew so stay tuned, lol!

Please remember the 9 counties that are affected by this water problem we are all facing in your prayers.  It's funny how when it's gone people realize just how important it really is in every day life. Thankfully my dishes are done....



  1. Love it all, Melanie. You have a gift with the sewing machine and a wonderful eye for color. xoxox Jan

  2. The curtains look perfect, and you know that I love the blue and the ruffles on the pillows! Hang in there on the water situation--you're better off living in the country than so many people who are in the cities. And your mama has the showers waiting. ;)

  3. Praying for all affected, for a quick decontamination and for water to resume as usual.

  4. Wat mooi Melanie. Heb weer genoten van je mooie post.
    Liefs Brie

  5. Hello Melanie,
    I think that your kitchen curtains look wonderful. Love the pretty fabric and they are perfect with all of your d├ęcor. My sister lives in Hurricane, WV, Putnam County and wasn't affected by the water contamination. It's just awful what happened. I'm so glad that you have family nearby that can help you.

    Hope the problem is solved soon.


  6. I hope the problems of water will resolve as soon as possible. Your new curtain and the pillows are such romantic

  7. Beautiful job with the sewing! Your kitchen looks so pretty! Shocking to hear about the water situation! I know this is off topic, but no one can convince me that with problems going on all over the world, whether environmental or violence related, that we are not living in the End Times. Praise God there is Paradise awaiting us!

  8. I love RA fabric and shop at Target for her things as well. How clever you are to repurpose the bag!

  9. OMGosh- That is AWFUL about your water. To think you can't bathe or wash dishes in it is kind of scary. I hope they can figure it out soon. Who knows how long it was going on before it was discovered...that is the REALLY scary part. I see a lot of paper plates in your future!
    I love your kitchen window. It is really darling and looks brighter than it did before-although I LOVED the balloon shade, too. Hope you have a great Saturday- xo Diana

  10. That really helps me to see how thankful I should be for our water. Some things I take for granted. My heart goes out to you.

  11. Oh those are so cute! I've been tinkering with the idea of putting curtains in my kitchen. I've always avoided them because of the grease... I think I might have just been convinced!

    Stay safe, that water emergency sounds not only difficult to live with, but SCARY!



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