Thursday, January 24, 2013

Our Home Years ago

I have been wanting to share with you what our home looked like back in January of 2009.  

You'll see that I have done quite a bit of painting since then.

So here goes....

This was our living room.  When we bought this house from my mother we did an overhaul.  New floors were laid, the two rooms were opened up(there used to be a HUGE bar where the tall cabinet is that separated the two rooms), and everything was painted including the cabinets.  They were originally oak along with the armoire and coffee table.  

It was still pretty bare after doing the remodel, but you can see that we have kept most everything and just gave it all a new lease on life.

Red has been a color that I have loved for years, I even had the walls red in here and the kitchen before  this green. was a little too much for me.  Especially after the power went out and I saw just how dark it really was.
All of the furniture has been much cheaper than buying all new!

Now for the kitchen.
When I picked out the flooring, the color choice stemmed from Mammaw's china cabinet.  Then I stained the table top and island counter the same color.  I really loved it...but shabby chic was calling my name.  
Louder and LOUDER!

 Mike and I built the island from the old bar we ripped out.  Can you believe this is only half of the cabinets that were used?  Now you can get a slight idea of just how HUGE that bar really was!

I still really think it was pretty, but you can see how I was beginning to lighten things up a bit.

The  little girls room....dark forest green was her name.  How I loved her and how the white beadboard contrasted off of her dark walls.

She's all pink now!  Bye Bye dark green...

I had a thing for toile and boy did I really use it everywhere!  I loved black too!

This is the back room for guests and where the girls play their wii and watch tv.
Mama now has that sign over the doors at her of my favorite all time sayings!

There used to be a queen sized bed that took up almost every ounce of space and definitely was not needed!  Now I have so much more space to change around the furniture on either side of the room.

And this was our office has really changed!

I love the British Rose that we have now.  Definitely glad the toile is gone!

So there ya have it...a few rooms and how they looked like what seems so long ago..  
Before we moved to the basement, these walls were a green like upstairs with the oak wood beadboard. The accent colors were peachy reds, golds and cream with light tan berber carpet.  It has really lightened up down here and can I say that it truly was needed to keep some sanity!

I Had a vision of what I wanted and slowly we've gotten there and now I LOVE IT!!


  1. It was still so pretty!

    Amy Jo

  2. :-) I is so interesting to see how our taste's grow and change. Pretty then as now Melanie.
    Cheers, Gee

  3. HI Melanie, I think most of us has gone through a lot of changes through the years.... It looks like you were getting their slowly with the whites..... you know little baby steps here and there. You had me laughing with you liking the black too... same with me .... in fact I have a few rooms with black. My sister has all black, but white is more me than anything. You can tell you like decorating even then and it did look nice. Fun post looking at what the home was. Lots of work that's for sure!


  4. i loved reading your captions explaining it all....i liked it even before you painted it all pink 'n white! just have such a great sense of color/furniture placement balance and ideas of how to add the cutest accents......

  5. It sure has changed! So wonderful that you had these pictures though. I love getting to look back! Some of the B&W toile was really cute ;) You have made some gorgeous changes Mel! Still in love with the new dinning room mantel and over mantel. Those are fabulous, and so YOU! Glad you liked my dollar tree craft storage. It's so chic. Right? lol

  6. Everything is so pretty. I love your attention to details; I think you should of been a professional interior decorator.

  7. Everything is beautiful! LOVE all the details!

  8. Your home looks so fresh and pretty. Love all the changes you've made to brighten it up. I'm coming over from Lynn's Shabby Story.
    Happy to be a new follower and hope you'll stop by for a visit.
    Mary Alice

  9. As my bed will testify to, I still love black...Ur home was beautiful then and is even more beautiful now, cant wait to see it all and YOU in person..Dont think ive every seen what ur sofa looked like underneath. I love florals!! Its a really pretty one....Bonnie

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