Sunday, January 13, 2013

Almost a Zero $ Makeover

Thought I'd share the utility room.  
After many shopping trips looking for cabinets, seeing the prices, I decided to figure out something else.
I even looked at Habitat, but never seen the right size or style that I was wanting.

The before will show just how much space was lost.

 All that wall space was being wasted and that cabinet just didn't look right in the corner.  Plus, do you notice those electrical outlets?  I hated them being so high and seen!

So...I came up with the idea of cutting the cabinet into two.  I know...GASP!
But I had had it for over 15 years and it just wasn't serving the purpose very well.
That's my ACDC loving husband getting ready to measure and taking the hinges off.

 And here it is.  Perfectly in two pieces.  Didn't Mike do a good job?!

He thinks so!

 And this is after we done A LOT or hard work to get them hung.  We had to make a base for one and a top for the other, jigsaw the bottom back for the electrical outlets(YAY), measure and find studs to mount them on and then my job was to start painting.  
Did you notice the window?
I finally got a huge window ledge for things.  I have my idea as to what I'm putting there...but you'll have to wait a little to see.

Now all the things you've seen so far didn't cost one cent until now.  I decided that I didn't want to use the existing doors since they were inset.  I thought it'd look too primitive.
So, off to Lowes I went.  Beadboard paneling, trim,  more paint and glass knobs were my purchases...along with two small baskets.  A total of $40....anyone could afford a remodel like this couldn't they?!
We made the doors and they couldn't have turned out any better in my book!

Then I began to sew.  I had a few pieces of the Cherry Blossom fabric left and some eyelet that was Mammaw's.  I know she's smiling down on me right now and proud that I am using her things.

I love the window!!!

And I had enough to make the little skirt under the table to hide the trash can!  Did I mention that this little table was a free junk item?  SCORE! 
We used some of it to make the top for one of the cabinets and this was left.  It fit perfectly!  It's perfect for storing one of my laundry baskets instead of on top of the dryer.
Lot's of painting went on in here...everything is white-white and I couldn't be any happier!

The baskets on the window  are for lost socks...I am tickled with this idea!  I always seem to have so many little lost ones when I am doing laundry.  Now they'll be in one spot for easy access!

And here she is...if any of you haven't figured out by now that I absolutely HATE doing laundry, well, you know now!
I am hoping that now, since my storage issues are addressed, that I will feel a little more at home doing that dreaded chore!

I even tackled these doors...they were in need of a good cleaning and some fresh paint.  The glass knobs were bought at Home Goods for $7. One of the knobs screw was broken and they had them marked down "as is"...I knew I could fix it!  So the closet doors got the extra two.

This cabinet was in the garage storing tools and junk a long, long time ago.  One day I had the bright idea of bringing it in here.  It's had many paint jobs, but this is my favorite. Perfect for folding laundry!

Hopefully you can see just how big the laundry room is.  The closet is the whole width of the room and stores the laundry baskets, towels and Mike's work clothes...along with the mop, broom and sweeper.  Lots of storage!
It is adjoined to the bathroom.  I love how the two flow together.  That was my Mama's design when she had this house built. 

WE have a lot of things that need air dried, so I have tried to create things to hang on.  The little cabinet opens up and folds out for bars that can have things to lay flat.  It was a super find for me years ago!

I had the rug stored away and thought about it last night.  It needed a little something on the floor, so I love it!
I made the chandy a few months ago, it works and looks perfect in the middle of the window now.  And I was able to store my ironing board beside the dryer.  I originally had it stored in the closet, but I iron a lot, so this is easier to pull out when needed.

So there ya have it...all finished and serving my needs very well!

Now I'm off to do some laundry....


  1. This is the best looking laundry room makeover, Melanie! I envy you having a window. We are in a condo now and my laundry room is on the side that has no window. Love how you utilized the cabinet you had into two pieces. Your hubby did a great job. Did he sing "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" while working away? : )

  2. So pretty! Surely you won't mind doing laundry now! ;) Thanks for sharing Melanie :)

  3. Love it! Makes me want to do laundry. Mine is in the garage--nothing cute about it! (and it is freezing out there too:))

  4. I know that laundry is your most despised chore, but this gorgeous utility room should make it a little more bearable. It looks FABULOUS! Cutting that cabinet in half to make wall cabinets is perfect, and I love that the washer and dryer now are centered under the window. Your forgot to mention the old iron on top of the cabinet on the right--it belonged to your great grandmother and has to be more than 100 years old. Aren't you glad that you don't have to use something like that these days? You and Mike did a stellar job, as usual--SO proud of the two of you!

  5. My goodness, everything looks so pretty and organized. I love that you and your husband work as a team :) thanks for sharing !

  6. So very pretty! I wouldn't mind doing laundry in here at all!!

  7. Melanie- It looks BEAUTIFUL. Mike did a grand job cutting those cabinets down...that would scare most folks...and your new doors look great, too. I love all you accent pieces, the table between the w/d and the sweet little cabinet rescued from your garage. You both did a wonderful job! Love it-xo Diana

  8. what an awsome job you 2 have done it is charming i love it and you cant beat the cost great thinking to cut that cabnet in two:

  9. If I give you my address will you come over and re-do my laundry room??? I LOVE yours!!! It's huge and lovely!!!!! Great job!

  10. Oh Melanie...what a vision.! Wow! I love the addition of the beadboard doors to the cabinets. It was fine as open shelving, but now you don't have to look at the bottles, etc. I am so happy that you have such a lovely place in which to do your laundry. Well done you!

  11. Melanie, I do believe that you have the cutest darn laundry room I've seen! And what a great way to reuse that cabinet! As far as the glass knobs, a glass knob just seems to make everything look more pretty! Again, great job!!!

  12. What a darling laundry room! If that were my room I would be washing and washing and washing....everyone would know just where to find me!
    Since my machines are in our basement, I can only look at yours and dream! Not much chance for anything sweet down there.
    ♥ Jil

  13. Oh Melanie.. what a beautiful laundry room. I am in the process planning to redo ours. I am doing it in brows and creams... luv yours. Will be peeking back at it often. You did a smashing redo for such a wonderful price! Well done you!
    Cheers, Gee

  14. I love it, it looks and ile bet functions so much better! U are so creative, i never woulda thought of cutting the cabinet in two, maybe u can come solve some of my storage troubles, LOL......Bonnie

  15. Melanie what a great room!! You are blessed with such space for sure, and it is so cute. Love how you cut the cabinet in two. Love the fabric of course on your windows too. Seeing your mom's comment... I missed seeing the that's a treasure. Looks wonderful!!

  16. Hello Melanie!!!
    Love your laundry did so great really pulled it all together...awesome!!!!
    Love the cabinet you cut into two and the curtains you made.....the rug.....the other cabinet you brought in from your garage....
    Love all of your ideas!!!!
    Suzann ~xoxo~

  17. Melanie,
    It is so pretty. I love the table and skirt. It looks amazing.

  18. Wow, Wow, that is the cutest laundry room ever and you made such great use of the space...I just know you will..OK maybe you doing laundry!!


  19. You are one talented lady!! I love your laundry room... I guess laundry won't be such a chore now!?!

    Amy Jo

  20. Oh Melanie how fabulous is your laundry room!! I also am loving your Mr. Fix It! Hope you have a great Monday!

  21. Oh Mel! It looks so pretty. Makes me want to go spruce up my laundry room right now.

  22. i love you little table in the middle, it looks so useful!...i love your makeover, and your new shelf under the window too!'s all really cute melanie! that is funny about the lost sox, if i do just the sox on laundry days, i forget half of them are still hiding at the end of the bed from kicking them off in my sleep, lol...mike's pants are funny too~ susie <3

  23. Love it! YOu are amazing and your husband is a trooper:)

  24. You have the cutest, homiest laundry room I have ever seen. Mine is in the basement where it is covered in dust cause my husband does his scroll sawing down there. No since in ever trying to fix it up. I love what you have done.

  25. I love the scrolly looking thing over your artwork, it's just adds to romantic look. Yeah, romantic laundry.... LOL. I need to get me one of the scrolly looking things too.

    You have an amazing talent. I love that your husband lets you do whatever you want and goes with your ideas. ♥

    ~ Lisa ~

  26. That turned out SO cute! What a beautiful job! And WOW you have a big laundry room! My Husband dos all of our laundry and he would be in there all day! Pink or not! lol
    I love it! Claire

  27. This has got to be the prettiest, most functional laundry room ever. I thought it was lovely before, but your makeover is fantastic! I'm sure you'll love doing laundry now...maybe a little bit anyway! (*_*)

  28. This house is exactly how I would like mine although your is way too white for my taste I would do the same with lots of color love the accessories and slip covers

  29. i know this is an old post ..but someone posted a picture of your laundry room on facebook today and i am in love with question ... where is your tub??? where does the water go when your washer drains ??? im just dieing to know !


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