Thursday, January 10, 2013

My Sweet Valentine

I am finally able to do a post after my sweet husband did some work to our computer.  I've been about to bust!

I just had to share some simple Valentine's decorations I've made and bought from Dollar Tree.

We'll start with the paper hearts on the back of the chairs.  Last year I made these from printing out some of my favorite floral designs on our printer and then adding them to lightweight card stock with glitter and ribbon.

Talk about simple but messy....I had glitter everywhere for days!  Each one is special just like our girls, so I added them to their chairs.

Here are some more that I made into garland.  Last year I hung them on the window hanging in between the kitchen and living room.  I just added this mantel over the summer, so I am having a ball with decorating it for each holiday...especially Valentine's Day!

I found some paper heart doilies at Dollar Tree the other night and bought the pink and white ones. I bought more than I could use, so Mama gets some!

Aren't they just so pretty with the lace mason jars and candlelight?

I added some to my Dollar Tree dishes too.  

They had these little glitter pink hearts on a red stick.  They're made of foam...I ripped them off and added them to the centerpiece.  Matched perfectly to the crystal garland.

I found this heart last year at Home Goods and thought it would take the place of the paper heart garland this year....Perfect!

I gathered up all of my china and went to town grouping them all together in Mammaw's china cabinet. I have had so much fun decorating for Valentine's day...can you believe that I never used to decorate for it?  

I recently bought some Royal Albert china at Home Goods and put the little saucers over my stove.  They came with these little cups.  I think they look cute with the rest of the dishes.

I'd love to find some more!

My Birthday present last year from Mama was the pink cake plate and tray.  She knows me so well doesn't she?!  All of the other china has been bought from thrift stores and some came from my Aunt Linda who passed away almost two years ago.   She had a fetish with dishes just like me!

Special memories are everywhere in my home filled with lots of 

This little print is a free printable I found with the perfect shade of pink.  The desk and chair were Mammaw's and have been passed down from her to my Mama then to me.  I padded the little chair and covered with one of my favorite quilts.  The rooster lamp came from Cracker Barrel a long, long time ago.  Of course I painted it white and added the pink shade.

I recently went on a sewing string with making slipcovers for some of my I'll post about those later.  I'm leaving a snippet of what to look forward to.  

Be sure to come back for the Valentine's in the living room next week....Thanks for stopping in!.  


  1. Oh, I love your sweet Valentines on the chairs and your table center piece I have got to get to the dollar store.....Your whole house is a Valentine...Sweet!


  2. You make me want to decorate for Valentines day--looks just lovely!

  3. Melanie...your home is so pretty!! I love that little table and chair. That is the cutest quilt cover!

    Amy Jo

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! I love your home so much! I'm inspired every time I visit!

  5. Your home is just so lovely, Melanie, and really romantic looking. Everything Valentine's Day just suits your home perfectly. Love the heart wreath you found. Your dishes are beautiful. Would love to hear about your lampshade slipcovers; that last one looks so pretty.

  6. Gosh Melanie, I would just love to step into your home.... sure the pictures are wonderful, but nothing like being there admiring all your beautiful whites and pinks in person. I enjoy seeing your home at all the different angles you shoot. Anyways, my home is also in white, cream and touches of pinks, but I would like to know what color white are you using..... I have moved into a home where I need to paint the cabinets which I'm dreading and wondering what did you use and also did you use the same white on your furniture?

    Thanks and have a Wonderful Day~

  7. Melanie
    It is super sweet. I really love the center piece.

  8. I adore the lace covered Mason jars! Such a great idea ... it's all beautiful Melanie. Can't wait to see the Living Room!

  9. I love ALL your Valentine's decorations! Heck, I love your home, and would buy it completely furnished! Oh, I guess I've mentioned that one before, lol!

  10. What a gorgeous home you have, and so many wonderful Valentine's vignettes you've created! I am loving the pink dishes and the lace-covered jars--so pretty!

  11. It's so beautiful! you have a gorgeous home.

  12. Well this all could not be more romantic or beautiful! I just love your touches Melanie. I am glad you joined in on the Dollar tree party. Do you mind adding our little button, or even a link that you are joining in. I would LOVE for others to know about it too") Thank you sweet Melanie!~ XO

  13. Melanie! It is all just gorgeous! Hugs, Penny

  14. Gorgeous Valentine's decor! You always do such a beautiful job!

  15. came over from Dianas blog, i really adore the pink paint colour on your walls! and such pretty china!!
    Laura x

  16. Wow, I love all the beautiful white - everything works sow ell together. Diana sent me over to follow you and I'm so glad she did. Stop by my posts.
    Have a great day.

  17. Hi Melanie... your blog is darling. Diana sent me over and I definitely will be back!

  18. You've come across some great treasure that have made for a beautiful room! Lovely, soft and the ruffles...perfect!
    Visiting from NanaDiana's...

  19. Hello. I came by way of Nana Diana and I'm glad I did. Your room is to die for!! Gorgeous. Every little detail. Hearts under the glassware, a chair fully tucked under the table but still as gorgeous hidden if had been pulled out to welcome a sit down. EVERYTHING.... gorgeous and well done. Thank you for having me. I'm going to go peek around a little more. Hugs. Tammy.

    ps... I'm having a giveaway if you would like to enter your name.

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  21. Hi, I love your home. Did u make the ruffle chair covers on your dining set or did u purchase them, I have been looking and looking for some.

    Patti Burke


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