Thursday, July 28, 2016

Saying Goodbye

Life has certainly been on hold for me these past few months.  Nothing pretty or unique that I've done lately to share other than the need for prayers.

I do want to thank those who've prayed.  I greatly appreciate them all.

Today, we attended the funeral to someone that has become such a huge part of our mother's husband of 16 years.  Today was his birthday.   

  Carl lost his battle with cancer but his soul was gained in Heaven.
I just cannot believe he's gone.  I'll never hear him say my name again, see this sleepy smile of his or be able to ask my many questions about computers, coins, automobile trouble, or ask for help with so many other things.  

As I sat by my Mom, we listened to a song that was their love song at their wedding.  We both sat and cried.  The love they shared was something she had always wanted ever since I can remember.  Carl gave it to her freely. 

I saw these two give this look to each other  all throughout their time together. Like two teenagers!

Carl didn't like cake so he was thrilled with his birthday pie especially with the "0", lol!  That smile was priceless!

He and Mom shared many birthdays together and he always made hers special.  

He had three sons...Carl Jr., Stacey and Michael.  He had 6 grandchildren in all.  

Carl loved animals and throughout the years, we discovered a stray was always welcome.  He and Mom could never turn them away.  Our animals always loved to see him come because they knew they'd get a treat and some loving from him.

He couldn't stand the color red but he wore it for Mom every that's love!  We always had a lot of laughs together.

This was their first ever selfie during one of his many stays in the hospital this past year.  He sure was a fighter!

I'm sure going to miss him but something that made me smile today....knowing he's in Heaven with Mammaw and my Aunt Judy.  He loved them dearly and they loved him too.

He loved to shock Mammaw and make her smile....He always wanted her to be happy.  He loved it when she came down to stay with them.

I could write a book on all of the things I got to know and love about him.  We had our bumpy start but had a smooth finish and for that I am so grateful!  I know he truly loved me and my family.

I love you Carl....glad we got to spend so much time together and make memories.  Thanks for everything you did for me and my family.  
And until we see each other again, I'll carry you in my heart.


  1. Bless you all! I was so glad to see these photos and the joy in the faces. He will indeed be missed by all who knew him, but I am rejoicing because he is in the arms of Jesus and in no more pain. My love and prayers are for all. Jan

  2. Blessings from Denmark ❤️


  3. So sorry for your loss Melanie. What sweet memories and pictures of Carl. Hope those will help you as you grieve the loss of Carl in your lives here.

  4. Kind thoughts of comfort sent to you and your family.

  5. Didn't see this till after my post on messenger Jesus is very near.

  6. I am so very sorry that this apparently loving & wonderful man is gone - His smile & eyes reflect so much warmth & kindness - it is very evident he is a lovely person

  7. Querida hermana melanie ,te doy mis condolencias a ti y toda tu familia. Teniendo la esperanza de volverse a encontrar con el, allá en las moradas celestiales.Un fuerte beso y abrazo ,en especial a tu mamá

  8. Melanie, I am so sorry for your loss. Loved reading about your Mom's husband and the love they shared! Glad you all had a good relationship! Lifting you, your precious mom, and all the family in my prayers. Grace and peace!🙏

  9. What a wonderful tribute. The memories will never leave. Look out after Momma.


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