Tuesday, July 5, 2016

A Jacket to Remember

Recently, Anne from White Lace Cottage posted a photo of her wearing a cute ruffled blue jean jacket.  The ruffle on the jacket grabbed my attention!  So I decided to make my own rendition.

 I have so many blue jean jackets but didn't want to cut them up because I still love them all.  I had some of Mammaw's clothes and decided to make a jacket from one of her shirts that I would have never worn but wanted to keep.  She wore this shirt and a skirt many times and looked so beautiful in it.  I knew she would be so proud with me for making it into something new since we both loved to sew.  I've never held the title at making clothes, she did that.  But I have to say, it turned out so cute!

I'm a casual gal...I love blue jeans so I paired the black shirt/made into a jacket with a striped tank and some white boat shoes.  Kind of a nautical look.

I'm not a skinny girl either but I do love my curves. The ruffle just makes it curve so much better than just hanging straight.

I did take it up in the back to add more of a fitted look.  The shirt had shoulder pads in it and I opted to take them out at first, but then decided to keep them.  I used a dark denim for the ruffle and lightened this photo up so that it could be seen....but in reality, it really looks like a deep navy, almost black. 

I love to rework clothing, giving them a whole different look.  
So it really is a jacket to remember.  A memory of Mammaw and a new life.


  1. Well look at how adorable you look! Love your jacket!! You did a beautiful job as always.

  2. I can picture Mother now, shaking her head and grinning: "That Melanie!" The jacket is beautiful and she would be SO proud of your handiwork.

  3. Melanie, you are so adorable! You did a great job of remaking your Mawmaw's shirt into a jacket!

  4. wow - i love it! i wish i could sew ...you look great:)

  5. Will u have more directions on this project?

  6. Will u have more directions on this project?

  7. Melanie this is so sweet and cute. Great job. I love that we girls with curves can wear a lot of cute things that the skinny girls wear and look cute too. Just adorable.

  8. You are so beautiful and that jacket looks great on You. I wish I could sew like that.
    Have a lovely day dear ❤️

    Love from Lone


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