Thursday, December 10, 2015

Oh Sara

I have two daughters...the youngest is so much like me and my oldest is so much like her dad! 

They are both little pigs!  I took this photo one day in hopes that I could possibly blackmail my Sara into cleaning her room with the threat of plastering it everywhere online.  Well, I didn't have to threaten her...she cleaned it all by herself!

You see, awhile back, she wanted her room re done.  Her walls were a pale lavender with a beautiful antique bed and lot's more furniture.  

She had a very large desk too.  I cut it down and made this new desk to fit in the corner.  The arguments we had about where it would be best at...I tell ya, I really go through the wringer sometimes with her!  She needs to just trust her Momma and her vision.

I found this gorgeous chest (I had to repair and paint it) to replace an armoire she had.  I really can't stand to see a tv in a room, but this isn't too bad.

I did a two tone affect on it with the taupe-ish wall color and white.  It holds so much more than the chest and armoire that she used to have...leaving more space in her room.

She had expressed to me that she wanted things to look and feel clean and bare. Guess that's because she normally has a room that looks like the first photo, lol.

I took down her closet doors as per her request and hung these panels.  Guess what they are?  Painter's drop cloths!!!  Cheap and heavy...and I didn't have to sew anything.  I just used clips and hung them.

I made her this headboard after her saying she no longer wanted that beautiful antique bed.  We looked at photos and she seemed to be leaning towards this type of design.  So I went to the garage, pilfered through my lumber and came up with this.

Each or our daughters love to have lights up all year I hung them on her headboard one day while she was at school.  She loved this idea!  And she is hard to please.

I had an old vanity that I ripped apart and made two night stands out of it.  They are perfect for extra storage and by her bed.  Any bed as a matter of fact!

I found the two lamps at Home Goods with my youngest.  We took photos and sent them to Sara and let her pick out which ones she liked best.  She chose these...they are the perfect height and I love all of the detail.  Not too big for the nightstands either.

I went looking for an office chair for her one day.  I saw this one and sent her a photo of it, she didn't want it.  She wanted a black chair.  So I bought one of these white ones for our office and after she came home and saw it in person, sat in it...she changed her mind.  So back to Office Max I went to return the other chair and buy another one of these.  See what I go through?  

One side of the desk is for her make up and the other side is for school work.  It's a mess usually with make up everywhere on the surface.  But thankfully she made sure I knew to get a surface that was laminate so it wouldn't stain.  We've had a few fights about how sloppy she is and I guess she didn't want to argue anymore, lol.  The other desk surface was just painted.  

Her clothes hamper used to be inside of her was just one of those white basket types.  She wanted one out in her room so it wouldn't be hard to get the hamper out.  We found this hamper at Home Goods as well and I recovered the top with some of the drop cloth.  It's full of dirty clothes that she picked up and that's why it's not closed completely.  But, hey...I'm not complaining.  At least her room is clean now!

She had just a few pieces that she wanted to keep in her room.  One of them being her framed poster of the Beatles.  I thought the British pillow I made a few years ago, went nicely with it.

Her room did turn out really just took some time to get it all right.

She wanted a large mirror and I found this one at Walmart for around $60.  I'm still debating on painting it.  She likes it brown though.  It tucks nicely behind her door.

See, you can't even see it when the door is open.

I found these mirrors in a set of 3 at Home Goods for $10.  I loved that deal!  The glass mercury holder came from Dollar Tree last year.  They look like the real thing too!

Can you tell that I am quite pleased?  I can walk on the floor without crippling my ankles.  

 Do any of you have a kid like this?  I know Mom reminds me of how bad I was...but she'll admit, I was never this bad, lol!


  1. Melanie her room is gorgeous!!! We must have the same daughter! My two share and, their room I did last year is a disaster at the moment!! What a beautiful space you have made for her and I appreciate all those details;-)

  2. Melanie, her room looks fabulous!! I am from England so love the Beatles picture and the pillow you made. My cousin made me a shabby chic union jack pillow case which I love. My youngest is 23 and her room still looks like your Sara's top picture...ugh :)

  3. Sara's room looks awesome, Melanie. You worked your magic on the room and (sounds like) on Sara. ;)

  4. Amazing transformation...and a beautiful room to come home to ...! Nice job Mom and Sara. Grins, Sandi===I had boy's and you have no idea how bad ---they can get!

  5. Yes Melanie, one of my daughter is like that. I hope someday she will change for good :)

  6. Yes Melanie, one of my daughter is like that. I hope someday she will change for good :)


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