Monday, December 21, 2015

Blue Christmas

For years, I dreamed of this space being done in blue and white.  Being a basement, the colors are so soothing and convey light so very well in what is normally a dark space.

At Christmas time, it is one of my favorite spots to spend the evenings.
Normally, the hubby spends his time here but now he has me to hog the tv remote, lol!

The white Christmas tree has yellowed some through the years...which I really like better now.

Done in silver and blue along with rag garland, it is a sweet little tree.

The rag garland was made up of some Shabby Chic sheets I had. 

This year, I've used quite a bit of wreaths everywhere.  I adore them on armoires!

Over the sofa, it adds a touch of green which I love!

Faux pine garland is another fav of mine.  

A sweet tulle wreath that was given to me by a sweet lady hangs on the mirror at the bottom of the stairs.

A little Christmas ornament adorns a body form that I made a skirt for years ago for my Hannah's room. She no longer wanted it, so it sits beautifully beside the tree hiding the outlet.

My sweetie and I had fun decorating our bed. 

 The lights were his idea,  he said it would be romantic.  I would have to agree!   I think I have rubbed off onto him after all of these years!

Another little tree sits by the old gun cabinet.  I think this is another fav of mine.  I love the little white bows tied onto the branches.

I hate how pine shows up as being black in my photos...the green on the white door really pops and looks so pretty!

The little star bell is perfect in the center of the wreath...adding that blue I love so well!

Trees of all sorts are throughout our home.  These, at our office space, add a nice festive touch. The photo makes me smile as I work and remember how little my girls once were.  Sara has always been tall, but look at little Hannah's head barely popping into the photo!
How I love both of my girls!

This is the spot the hubby and I love to relax in.  And of course, I have to have reminders of "let it snow" because I love snow!  How I pray for a miracle of having a white Christmas!  You just never know.....

After all, God holds the keys to everything, not man.

My hopes are that all of you are blessed this Christmas and throughout the year.  And I pray that each of you know that God truly loves us all.



  1. Dear Melanie
    What a wonderful home you have. So sweet and cozy and you bedroom is absolutly gorgeous! I wish you a happy Christmastime and all my best wishes for 2016....
    XO Nadja

  2. Just beautiful! I think your blue is rubbing off on! I have added blue to my pink decor sometimes, but I think that I might like a white and blue room...we'll see! Have a blessed Christmas Melanie.....hugs...

  3. Melanie, I love your beautiful home. You have so many sweet ideas too. Wishing you and yours a blessed Christmas. xoxo,Susie

  4. I love your pretty white tree. And your tree rag garland. What an original idea. I would never have the patience to sit and make one of those. Merry Christmas.

  5. So beautiful! Have a Merry Christmas, Lynn

  6. Your home is beautiful....if I lived there I would have to kick my hubby out, he is such a mudpuppy! Merry Christmas and thanks or posting this, Sandi


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