Saturday, January 24, 2015

Shabby Chic Love

We were greeted by snow this morning which covered every branch so perfectly.  The kind of snow you can still drive in and not worry.  It is absolutely beautiful!

Every window view is so lovely today and the light coming in makes for the perfect showcase for my Shabby Chic love.

I love snow!

Just look at how it makes everything so soft and cozy feeling.  I think today is a perfect day with snuggling and watching movies or even taking a nap.

I know some think that white is cold...but in reality in the Summer, the white keeps the feeling of a cooler home.  While in the Winter, it makes things feel nice and bright when everything is dead and drab outside. It is so versatile with any style.

Just look at how the back room glows from all of the light bouncing off of the snow....gorgeous!

I truly love our home...the things we've done to make it special, really make it wonderful to live in.  But of course, the little family I have makes it perfect!
God has truly blessed me with love and contentment.  Not many have that in life, always struggling to get more, be better, and are never happy with the little things.  My sweetheart and I are coming up on our 24th anniversary.  How blessed am I to have that now a days?!

I made some new slipcovers for the bar chairs in a floral fabric with blues, greens and pinks.  A nice little change for now instead of the white.

I also cut down the flowers in the pitchers which look way better to me.  I love the baby's breath with the white hydrangeas.  I've tried pink ones, but it is just too much for my taste.  

And I'm still loving this little chair slipcovered in the same fabric.  It seems that I am slowly adding touches of blue throughout the house...a color that my Mother adores!

But of course I still have all of my little touches of pink which I could never part with!

So for me today, I am enjoying the snow and our Home Sweet Home!
I hope you all are having a very blessed day.  And remember, no matter our circumstances, God is always there waiting for us to let Him help us.


  1. çok güzel..harika...peri masalı gibi...

  2. Makes me want to curl up and snooze with you!

  3. such a beautiful home, love the view of the snow out the window too.

  4. Beautiful pics Melanie. We are going to get 2 to 4 inches tonight and tomorrow. Love that new fresh snow. Stay warm and cozy.

  5. Everything is so very soft and pretty. And you are so talented with sewing slipcovers and even building things with wood. Your home is prettier than those in the decorating magazines.

  6. The snow is beautiful. I love that kind of snow where it sticks on everything. Your home is very lovely and so comfortable. Curl up with a good book and take a nap. I didn't get one today, as I was playing in the back yard - the weather was beautiful - 80 degrees.
    Stay warm

  7. I am so jealous of your snow! We are having 60 degree temps--tomorrow I may even work in the yard! I wish I had the excuse that it is too cold to go outside. I agree with your feelings about white--I enjoy it every season!

  8. Blissful and enchanting. Have a pleasantly delightful snowy week!! Lori

  9. Finding contentment is a blessing to life! It's so nice to read that there are peeps out there that are truly content! I hear it in the words your write. You have found something many people strive to find all their lives! I too, love your home, it's so perfect! Blessings to you, Cindy


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