Saturday, January 17, 2015

I Just Can't Sit Still

The title says it all...I just cannot sit still without my mind wandering on things that bug me.  So that's when I start to create.  It takes my mind to places that are fun.

My aunt Judy recently has been having pain in her right side which traveled to her left.  Poor Judy, she was miserable!  They took her to the hospital and found out it was her appendix.  After surgery, she is doing much better.  Then a dear blogging friend's mother, whom I love dearly, got the flu and ended up in the hospital and was put on a vent due to being extremely sick.  They think she had a heart attack too.  I just couldn't stand it!

To beat it all off, I had to have a tooth pulled (I had  8 pulled when I had my braces without being put to sleep) so I thought this would be a breeze.  WRONG!   The dentist informed me that my other teeth were healthy which made it easier to extract.  The tooth I had pulled had had a root canal years ago.  A part of my tooth had broken which caused discomfort which made me say the heck with it, pull it!  Boy, did I ever wish I had had a crown put on!  It had to be broken and cracked several times and taken out in pieces.  Oh my aching jaw...never have I ever experienced so much pain, lol.  I never took anything for my other 8 teeth for pain and when asked if I wanted pain meds, I said no like a dummy.  Thank goodness, the DR. made sure I had something for just in case which when the hubby came home, I had him go right away to have filled.  Teeth are so important to me, so losing one isn't any fun.  I'm planning on having an implant after I heal.  I sure hope they don't hurt as bad as this has!

So, now you see why I have to create!  To give my mind a break....

Remember this cornice we made with the old columns?  Well, the top never satisfied me.  So I added some fencing and plates.

Which made it feel too low.

Well, one night I got the jig saw and started cutting.  This was the design, but see how it looked like Dracula teeth?  Definitely not something I wanted to see when I went to sleep!

So I cut them off!  My cuts were not smooth, but I am out of sand paper for my electric sander.  I'll sand it down later, but this gives you the idea.  I added some appliques on either side which I really love.

I want to make some really unique curtains for some drama....but can't make up my mind on what I want.

But all in all, I think this is it!  Our ceilings are eight feet.  Now it feels better without the fencing.

If you remember, I had these curtains in place of the tie backs on the cornice.  I switched them to here which I like so much better.  I hung my hydrangea sign at the top since I had it on the cornice before cutting it and adding the appliques.
 This leads to our closet.  

We have a fridge and a microwave too! We didn't want doors, so the curtains hide the mess perfectly.

I took down all of the stuff I had on top of this old china cabinet and made things a little simpler.  You all should know by now that I adore china, so hanging them makes me smile.  See the little mirror to the right?  I found that on clearance at Home Goods for $12!  Of course I had to paint it white.  It's a candle holder.

I've also played musical chairs and brought this down here for a change.  I love this chair!

A friend of mine wanted me to make her a king tufted headboard for their bed.  The one above to the left is one that I made for her a year ago from an old mantle.  The other one is mine that I made and said I would never do another one because of all of the buttons!

But I did, and thankfully I just had 12 buttons to make this time, lol.  She loved it!

If you all don't mind, please pray for my Aunt Judy and Linda Laity for healing and God's protection.  And for me too with this tooth!
Thanks so much, I appreciate you all dearly!


  1. Melanie, I feel for you , losing that tooth and hurting. The most expensive tooth I have, I really don't have.. Had a filling, then a root canal, then a crown on it, then I lost it anyway...then I had a fake tooth then the dentist trimmed it , then it didn't fit, then I had another made and it hurt so badly I can't wear it was costly but I have a space there. the back. Thank goodness. I love , love your china cupboard. Blessings honey, xoxo,Susie

  2. Oh those teeth can be painful. Hope you are feeling 100 percent soon!

  3. Glad to be able to pray for you all. Sending up prayers right now!

  4. such a beautiful space...I love all that you have done here. Lifting you all up in prayer.

  5. Ouch! Tooth extraction really hurts, so it's quite a bummer that you had to go through it all again. I mean, a root canal was just done to one of our teeth. I hope that the implant would work for you, so that there will be no more teeth-pulling in the future.

    Alessandra Landers @ My Maryville Dentist

  6. Не смогла промолчать !.....такая красотААААА!!!!!!!!!!!! Я просто влюблена в ваш дом)) Интерьер сладкий и вкусный так и хочется окунуться в него навсегда :-)

  7. Не смогла промолчать !.....такая красотААААА!!!!!!!!!!!! Я просто влюблена в ваш дом)) Интерьер сладкий и вкусный так и хочется окунуться в него навсегда :-)


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