Friday, December 5, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014

Things were done a little different this year.  The window wall proved to be an obstacle with the tree placement.  Thankfully, I started decorating before Thanksgiving, so this is all I have done.  I haven't even been able to do outside or downstairs yet.  But it sure was nice coming home from the hospital to a Christmas-ey home.  I think God may have had something to do with that feeling of needing to decorate early this year....I have only decorated one other time way before Thanksgiving and that was when Mammaw passed away.  God knows how much we adore Christmas, not for the decorations or presents, but because of Him.  So I thank Him for this Christmas.

~The tree~

I chose to do the same colors this year and to put the tree here.  The star atop reminds us of the true meaning of Christmas.

The tulle added makes the skirt so much prettier , especially in person!

Normally the tree is in the center of the room where the window wall is.  I tired, I really did...but it wouldn't work.  (sad face)

Part of the culprit is this big armoire!

I normally have it sitting on this wall.  Thankfully, I have many ways to move things around to.

Having an open floor plan actually works sometimes if you have enough walls for furniture placement.

I moved the chest that usually sits here.  I wanted something simple and this did it for me.  

The chest works perfectly in front of the two windows by our favorite chair.  Plenty of room for decorations and our drinks.

And we can see the tree from every angle in both rooms.  

One of my favorite songs for Christmas, Walking in a Winter Wonderland, was a score st Home Goods a few years back with this cute light up cityscape.  Keeping it simple again here too.
Now if it would only snow...

I love these two wreaths on the armoire and the snowflakes on the mirror.

I make all of my wreaths each year.  No hot glue on any of them since my tastes change a lot.  And I definitely say Merry Christmas!

I just adore sparkly things for Christmas...and soft candle light too!

Another simple wreath with a cute cookie in the center and a white bow.  

Nice and cozy, the perfect spot to snuggle up and watch Christmas movies!

Now for the kitchen...

I have a smaller table this year.  I kept it simple as well.

Normally, I have china displayed all year long on the table adding different decorations for Christmas.  

The island, I always love the Santa garland and stocking hanger re-purposed from many Christmases ago.

White poinsettias are always a fav of mine...and white lights really make them glow!

Added with some ornaments and pine, they look perfect in this picket fence box for the centerpiece of the island.

I love the view from the kitchen!

Guess what I did here?  Yep, made some curtains.  I am in love with how this all turned out!  

Those window panels hide the feet that hold the window wall up.  Plus, they add a nice warm touch for Winter.

The mantel stayed the same only adding pine garland and ornaments along with my favorite sparkly Nativity scene.  The angel wreath finished it off perfectly.

Normally, I am not a candle person, but this time of year, I am!

The stockings I made from Mammaw's sweater are fond memories of one so dear to our hearts.

Her china cabinet sits proudly adorned in splendor in the heart of our home.  How I miss her so.....

Family memories....something I truly cherish.

The one true reason to celebrate Christmas!

Joy is something only He can truly give.

~Simply simple~

The hallway....

Nothing fancy.

My girls have grown so....they are my world!

Louis is loving the tree....he's broken one ornament and one snowflake, unwrapped the tulle from the tree and absolutely adores the tree skirt.  Other than that, he's a perfectly behaved cat.  (Insert a cough here)

And that's it for now.  I don't know if I will have time to finish decorating all that I normally do, but for now, this will do just fine for me and my little family.

May this Christmas be a blessed one for you and the new year bring good health, peace  and love.


  1. Melanie, it is all gorgeous!! What a beautifully decorated home full of love:-) I hope you all get to enjoy some wonderful time together this season:-)

  2. Just love your home.....White Shabby Chic

  3. Everything is so pretty Melanie.

  4. So pretty Melanie. Love your tree. Hope Hannah is doing better.

  5. Your home is absolutely delightful - so warm and welcoming for the holidays. It is all so very pretty and soft and in my favorite colors too, pinks & whites! I like the tulle under the skirt - going to do the same for my tree, great touch. Happy Holidays.

  6. Melanie, Your home is a wonderland! Love your style!!

  7. Your home is gorgeous and your Christmas decors too!!!

  8. Oh I so wish I could sit down in your cozy room and see everything in real. I love all the Merry Christmas. We say it too! I love those hubby would scream but I LOVE them!!


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