Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I have been pondering something. What does giving mean to you? Do you give freely without any stings attached, or without receiving anything back? Do you give because you want to be recognized or want to be kept in the shadows letting the person that's receiving shine? I know that I am the person that wants to give freely, no strings, no recognition, and without receiving anything back. I really love to give much more than I like receiving. The feeling that blesses me far outlasts any feeling of getting a gift of some sort. 

I have some people in my life that love to give, have always bent over backwards to help in any way. That gives a person like me HOPE this time of year when things are so down and stressful for so many. This world isn't a great place to be sometimes, but when a giving heart comes along, it really makes a person feel loved and thought of.

A very close friend of mine just recently lost everything to a house fire. It was one of those moments that made you stand up and think "why" this time of year. WHY? Because the devil hates Christmas. Christ took something away from him and gave to all of us....HOPE! The biggest gift of all. Thankfully, I live in a tight, close knit community and so many are helping my friend and she is totally overwhelmed by the generosity. It really should be a movie. God is shining brightly!

So to those who do not give to unless they are receiving or think you are the only ones having a tight Christmas, look around you and listen to that "still small voice." If you hear "GIVE" then do it. Do not be selfish this time of year and think only about you and your family...think about others instead of being selfish. Give freely because you feel love and let it shine.

God forgive me for letting people rob me of my happiness because of their selfishness. I know it's not them, it's the devil.

                                                                  ~Sweet Melanie~


  1. This is a wonderful message, Melanie. I have always given freely with no thought of "pay-back". This is a lesson my husband had to learn. He , like his father before him, gave with strings attached...the "if you decide you don't want this-give it back to me" type of mentality. It took a long time for him to un-learn that habit and give without strings attached. It is freeing, I think, when you give like that.

    I am so sorry for that family in your community. I am sure they will be blessed by the generosity of others. xo Diana

  2. I receive great "payback" when giving. I receive the great joy from God. I have done as He would have me. May He strengthen the family in need and put into their path those who will help with all the love He has given. Being human, I occasionally think that I will not help, but He reminds me to "Love as I have loved you" . God give you a blessed Christmas.


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