Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

I have had a wonderful day with my family.  The hubby took the day off to spend with me...but we had two girls with us because of the weather and no school so the lovin' was a little hard to fit in, lol.

He took all us gals out to eat which was a real treat since we've been sticking to this low sodium diet.  I think we all had plenty to eat and our eyes were bigger than our bellies!

My beautiful PINK roses that my sweetie bought me...aren't they beautiful?!!!  Perfect for in my white pitchers don't ya think?!

And look what He got from me...chocolate covered strawberries!  Sara gave me the chocolate covered cherries with the sweet thought about my salt intake.  2 are only 10 mg's of sodium!  She was so thoughtful....

Poor little Hannah didn't get to go out to buy us anything which is fine with us...but I think she may have worried a bit about it because she kept saying that she hadn't been taken anywhere.  Sara has her own car to go places, poor Hannah has to depend on us, lol.

I love my girls...

Now, here's what I made the night before Valentine's Day.  I thought it needed some ruffles added to it.  Didn't it turn out so pretty?  See, I told you all I was kidding myself when I said I was done with our retreat....

I made this too while I had the sewing machine out.  It was a little farm stool that was painted blue.  

And look at this beautiful window!  We hung it in place of the smaller one.  I love it!

Well, that's it for now.  I hope you all have had a blessed Valentine's Day and that you feel loved!

Nothing better than being loved by someone or our pets!


  1. Melanie...Your whole family is beautiful and I love your hubby's eyes. He has kind eyes. He got it "just right" with the wonderful surprises for you. Congrats on your handiwork. You do such a beautiful job with everything you do- xo Diana

  2. Those strawberries look wonderful and the roses are the perfect shade of pink. So happy you had a nice Valentines day!

  3. Melanie,
    Your family is beautiful. The picture of the girls is so sweet. They look just like you. Love the beautiful ottoman covers. You do great work. You need to sew and sell I would be your best customer! So beautiful.

  4. Melanie, you have the prettiest home. I always enjoy my visits.

  5. Wat een mooie post heb je weer geplaatst Melanie. Je bent lekker verwend met Valentijn.
    Je huis ziet er weer zo mooi uit. Vind het altijd weer leuk om op je blog te kijken.
    Lieve groetjes Brie

  6. Hi Melanie! Love your blog! Do you happen to sell the chair slipcovers that you make? I've been looking for a ruffled one for a chair I use at my vanity in my master bath.

    1. Thanks so much! I normally do not other than for people locally because I do a custom fit. But I do on simple dining or parson chairs with measurements.

  7. Hello, I just found your sight and am loving it ALOT, I love what you have been doing to your home, I have been trying to do the exact same thing everything white, All my Girls are grown and married.( I have three Girls) So no little fingerprints) LOL I love your curtiens especially your slip covers over your furniture, (any tips how to do??) I also take the same RX for thyroid as you do and I hate not to be able to salt my food, but I also have high BP, so this is a good thing for me. I am a retired RN, and live in Colorado, and we have been getting a a lot of snow especially the mountains, I live in Denver and we are only a mile high thus the nickname for Denver "The mile high City". Anyway keep up the beautiful work, and I will be following along!! Thank you for sharing the pics. Jamie

    1. Thanks so much Jamie! Try ordering inexpensive slipcovers and then do your own seat covers for a custom look. Also, use pillow shams for back cushions.

    2. Ok, thank you for the tip, since I have only been sewing for just a few years now, I still get lost in my sewing machine, Great Idea about Pillow shams!!!

      Keeps being Shabby!!


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