Thursday, November 21, 2013

Shabby Vintage Skates

Back in June I went to a place a friend told me about.  I found lots of really old vintage pieces and one of them were these skates.  They were black leather, very worn and stiff. 

 This photo isn't mine, it was found on google...but these are what they looked exactly like.
 (I always forget to take a before photo)

I immediately came home, whipped out my pink spray paint and went to town.  
Oh the visions I had for Christmas!
Well, they sat in the garage, unfinished.

I just wasn't feeling the pink...

So the other night I was in the garage painting...grabbed them and slapped a coat of white flat paint on them with a brush.  So much better!  And they weren't even finished.

So tonight, I pulled out my glue gun, lace, pearls, white ribbon and little rosettes.


~My Shabby Vintage Skates~


  1. They've been Melanized--simply beautiful! They look perfect with the tree....

  2. That is just too cool! I'm going to do the same idea with an old pair of white skates I found, lol! Yours turned out so pretty!!!

  3. LOL- I see we got one more sneak peek, Melanie. I knew you'd come through! xo Diana

  4. Melanie,
    These are too cute now. Great job I love these skates.

  5. I love them! I've been wanting to do something with my old skates for years. I almost made it last year when I actually brought them up from the basement! LOL! I hung them from my old white chair that this animated Christmas girl bear sat on, but this year I want to decorate them with greens and ribbons and hang them from my old wood childhood sled. At least they're in the garage now - saves me a trip down to the basement LOL! Hugs,Leena

  6. Very sweet indeed Melanie! Have a beautiful holiday season....xox, Janet


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