Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Missing Loved Ones During the Holidays

This time of year is rough for many people that have lost loved ones.  Especially when someone loses that person around the holidays.  I still cannot believe Mammaw isn't here anymore....I miss her everyday....

Everyday I see her in so many ways.  Hannah has her slender feet and her gentleness, Sara has her twinkle in her eyes and smile, and I just noticed the other day when looking at my hands that my nails were starting to look like hers.  When she used to read to me at bedtime, I would play with her hand and study it.  Oh how I wanted my hands to look like hers....they were so soft and gentle but so strong.  I miss her hands, stroking my hand, patting me as I would sit beside her.  
I know it's tough on so many.  

So, I had one of her sweaters that I loved her in, packed away.  There were a few stains on it that I could not get out so I saved it knowing that I could do something with it as a remembrance of her. 

The colors weren't the perfect match but close enough...so I decided to make some stockings.  She loved Christmas and giving gifts...she loved surprises too!  What better way to remember her through the holidays than a stocking by the mantel where we spend lots of time?

I had enough of the sweater to make 2 of them and some leg warmers to wear with our boots.  I know Mammaw would  shake her head in amazement....she was always so proud of what I did.

Before she passed, I spent the weekend with her and bought this floral arrangement behind the angel.  She fell in love with it! 
I added some blue and pink ornaments to it and have it by the door.  It's funny how little things like the stockings and this floral arrangement make Mammaw feel like she is here with me.....her Sweet Memories will live with me until I get to be with her again.


  1. Amiga, saudades sempre do aprendizado, das grandes emoções, das alegrias até mesmo das broncas após as birras mas tristeza nunca.

  2. That sweater was one of Mom's favorites, and I can imagine her shaking her head at your artistry. Thanksgiving and Christmas were her two favorite holidays, and I still catch myself waiting for her to call, asking, "What kind of food are we going to have?" The thought of anyone not getting their favorite ALWAYS made us end up with enough food for an army.

  3. That is so sweet- I love what you did with her sweater!

    I Love your blog!


  4. Melanie,
    Your post today was so sweet. What a great tribute to your grandmother to make the stocking out of her favorite sweater. That is so neat that you did that. Now you can think of all the special memories of her when you see that stocking hanging and the floral arrangement she loved. Sweet story thanks for sharing.

  5. Such a sweet post--lovely ways to remember someone special :)

  6. beautiful tribute, melanie:) the stockings and fireplace look charming!

  7. The stocking is a great idea! I have some sweaters from my granny... but I don't think I'm brave enough to cut them.

    Amy Jo

  8. That was absolutely brilliant. You can use them that way for decades. Love it. I miss my grandmothers all the time. Xoxo


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