Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Another update on the back deck...I finally finished it today, but these photos are from the other day.  I'll be posting the finished ones after this rain goes away!

I had an old umbrella that was still in good shape but looked dirty and wasn't white!  I thought I would try painting it, but I didn't like how it was turning out. Plus the rain was making it a longer project than I wanted it to be.  
Why in the world didn't I think about making a slipcover for it from the beginning?

I made this from two full flat sheets.  I took the umbrella off  and laid it out flat on the ground, then laid the two flat sheets over it and cut to fit allowing for a hem.  I had just enough of the lace and then I made a ruffle to go behind it.  I thought I would never get it finished with the ruffle!  I added elastic to the corners to hold onto the tips of the umbrella.  That way it won't blow off, lol.

I love how it turned of the quickest  sewing jobs ever!

Well the sewing didn't stop never does once I start sewing.  I made this little slipcover with ruffles and then I made the matching pillow.  Thrilled how it turned out!

Then it was time for a break...but never a break because my mind will not stop with ideas!  I played around with the chair cushions...still playing....
I plan on painting the rugs, I have something special in my mind and I sure hope it turns out how I invision them.  That'll be next week sometime.

I played around with this little seating area and think I really like it now!  I ran across some fabric pieces that I had cut out to make a shabby banner a long time ago and sewed them together and hung.
  The perfect little touch it needed....the fabric is a pale green with pink roses.  I'll try to get a better photo with the finished ones later so you all can see.
 This is my first banner and I have to say I'll be making more!

I also put the little chandi over to the side....I just love this deck now!  It's so much cooler out there ...I think we'll actually enjoy it!  Maybe next summer we can do the whole deck with a roof...but for now this will have to do.


  1. Melanie,
    This is so adorable. I just love everything about this deck. What a cute and nice cozy space. Wow you sewed that umbrella. You bloggers that can sew blow me away with these sewing projects. That is really adorable. I bet you will enjoy many days and evenings on that porch.

  2. It is just so fresh and pretty that I just love it. You did a wonderful job on that umbrella. I hope you get to spend lots of time out there enjoying it-xo Diana

  3. I am loving your deck too! That slipcover for the umbrella is brilliant--it is just adorable!

  4. Your deck looks lovely, Melanie! Love the cover you made for your umbrella. Gorgeous!

  5. Your back porch looks great. Love how you refinished the umbrella it looks terrific.
    Have a great weekend.

  6. Once hit a homerun! And, of course you would make your own patio table umbrella! After all, doesn't everyone?! Not! And, of course yours turned out perfectly, lol!


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