Friday, November 22, 2019

Jesus is the Season

Jesus is definitely the reason for this wonderful time of year! He's the reason every day of the year! 
It's my most favorite time to decorate!  I love putting the tree by the window wall, it allows both spaces to have their seperateness but still be able to enjoy it in both spaces.

The tree is full of nothing but white ornaments....nothing else but ornaments.  The white against the gorgeous pine green branches is just so pretty to me.  Simplicity which allows the tree branches to shine!

It's such a pretty tree!  We bought it at Sams about 4 years ago, I think.  The LED lights are a soft white, not the blue/white/silver color which made me super happy!

Moving things around this year wasn't a chore like last year.  We gave a lot of furniture to our oldest daughter when she moved into her new place, so we had plenty or room for every piece of furniture....and I didn't have to store any of it away in the storage room!
(my back thanked me)

I bought this sectional last year right before we took our other sofa to Sara. It was one cramped house last year, I tell ya!  And it took me almost a year to complete this slipcover, lol.  Life was way too much fun to be sitting behind a sewing machine this past spring and Summer.  Now that cooler weather is finally here, I feel that nesting gene kicking in and am wanting to sew my little heart out.

My youngest daughter bought me these tins that I painted white.  I've had so much fun decorating them for the seasons.  Adding the pine and poinsettias to the mirror just pulled them together.  It's a big wall space so I wanted it to feel cozy over the sectional.

It definitely feels that way.  

See the garland at the windows?  All of the white needed a little something.  So one night while pondering, I started looking to order something on Amazon, like pom pom garland.  But I wasn't finding anything I really liked.  That's when I thought, heck, I can make something!  I grabbed some white ribbon, cut off pine from some garland and used some snowflakes I had.

Not too much, but just enough to add some Christmas charm....wink.  Pine shows up so dark in's really a pretty shade of green. Not the blue green like most pine.

I moved Mammaw's china cabinet into the living room.  It holds a special spot in my heart and I always think of her when I see it.  She saved and saved to buy it to display her pretty china.  Of course I have hers stored away and have mine on display.  It's a simple piece but means so much to me.

Hannah and I love this's so charming!
It's packed with lot's of pine, ornaments and flowers.  Pictures do not do it justice!

It gives a nice warm glow to this part of the room.  

These JOY foam letters came from Hobby Lobby about 3 or 4 years ago.  Putting them on my mirrors have been so much fun!  I added some green holly picks with red berries for some color....I really like it!
The word JOY really means a lot to me.  It's an absolute JOY to be alive and able to enjoy the holidays.

Hannah decorated both Christmas trees in this photo.  She does such a great job and enjoys it so much.  me, not so much, lol!  But it sure does look pretty, doesn't it?  I'll share the kitchen next week.  Oh, it's so pretty...the whole house is!

I love adding twinkly lights all around the room for that nice warm glow.  Just having them on and no other lights is really cozy and festive feeling.  

Notice the small arrangement on the end table?  

Some sprigs of pine, pine cones, poinsettias and battery lights is all it is.  I lost a lot of table space to use for decorations so I had to come up with something. 

Simple but pretty!

I wanted to keep the same look for both end tables.  I bought the lamps through FB Marketplace and painted them along with making new shades.  

I share a lot of my stuff on Instagram so you can check out what's new with me that way.  Links to it and FB are to the side of my page if you want to follow.

Two creamy white stockings hang on the window wall stuffed with pine sprigs, one poinsettia, a pine cone, a jingle bell and a tree ornament.  Using the handmade tulle garland tied the whole area together perfectly.

I can't wait until Thanksgiving!  I'll have my little family all together and we will eat and be merry and enjoy how festive the house feels.  To me Thanksgiving and Christmas are joined together by family heartstrings.  I want to enjoy Thanksgiving just like I enjoy Christmas so that's why I decorate so early.  Plus I've never been a fan of the oranges and browns for Thanksgiving...wink wink.

Even King Louis enjoys it all <3

I hope all of you have a very blessed Thanksgiving full of good food, lot's of laughter and so much love you can't contain it!  And of course stuffed bellies and a few naps! 

Most of all, thank God up above for it all!


  1. Melanie, I just adore all your shabby chic decorating! I agree, be thankful to God for all our blessings! And we just had another blessing yesterday morning, coming in at six pounds and nineteen inches long! I’m going to go meet my newest great granddaughter today!! May you and your family have a blessed ThanksgivingšŸ™Œ

  2. I found your blog through another one..its wonderful. sure have some beautiful decor..and sounds like you are very talented with all that Thanks for it all.


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