Friday, January 6, 2017

Our First Snow of the Year

You all have to know how much I adore snow by now, right?  I look forward to it every winter, but sometimes I'm a little let down when we only get a dusting.  
Last night, we got 4 inches and I was one happy gal!

We intentionally left up our lights for just this very glow in that gorgeous white stuff!

It was like Christmas happened all over again, but with a present that I didn't get for the actual holiday.  I did however, get some snow for my birthday but it was only a dusting.

Now isn't this just beautiful?  Look at how the lights glow under the layers of that fluffy gorgeousness!

 I truly love being outside at night as it comes down.  The quiet and stillness that it brings is something truly magical and calming.

To have a nice warm home,  in weather like this,  truly makes you count your blessings. 

This is Bowser's first snow and he truly loves it!  Of course having a buddy like Lucie,  makes it that much funner to frolic and play in.

He's grown so much and is almost the same size of Lucie...and she's not a little dog.  So we definitely have our hands full with this soon to be gentle giant.

He is just the sweetest pup.  And I have to say pretty handsome!

I'm so glad we left up the decorations.
The red bows and green pine just pop with the all white backdrop.

This is what I wanted for Christmas!  Now I am finally content and will be taking down the lights on the first pretty and dry day we have.  I may leave up the pine and bows though...perfect for Valentine's Day.  

Maybe I'll find some little red hearts to add to the pine...wouldn't that be pretty?

Mom brought this to us on Christmas Day from her new love.  Yes...her new love!  She's been reunited with an old flame from way back when and I have never seen my mom any happier.  It was a jolt to us all, but to be happy and feel special in this day and age is a true blessing.  We haven't met yet in person, but I already feel like I know him so well and he truly hit a sweet spot with giving us this gift.  We are so proud to be West Virginian's and if you know anything about us...we bleed blue and gold baby!

So our new year has started out pretty great!  New love, health, happiness...that's pretty good, right?!

Oh, and I was contacted by two different magazines overseas wanting to feature some of my photos.  Now if that isn't a great way to start out a new year, then I don't know what is!  

Happy New Year to you all!   I pray you are blessed with 
and plenty of 


  1. You get your love of snow honestly. I can still remember Mom's excitement when the first flakes started falling. And, of course, the blue lights only add to the gorgeousness.

  2. I wouldn't want to live in it all the time, but would be thrilled if it snowed once a year and stayed around for 3 days.I live in Northern California and while it rarely snows at my house, we do have snow on all 3 mountain ranges that surround us. We only have to drive 30 minutes to play in the white stuff.

    Your photos are gorgeous with the snowy backdrop.

  3. I know how you love your snow. I like it at Christmas and then wish it would disappear! lol I am so glad you are having a good new year and that your mom has someone special in her life. He sounds like a keeper! Happy weekend! xo Diana

  4. Dear Melanie, when I find someone that loves the things that I do I just have to shout out and say YES! I adore snow and the more the better that's why I live in Northern Utah on a the base of a wonderful mountain. I think that is why my beloved blue colors mean so much to me as I see they do to you. They are soft and calming. Have a wonderful new year! Joanne

  5. Hola mí querida hna melanie. Si,la nieve es preciosa. Aunque donde yo vivo, casi nunca nieva, a todo lo más, un poquito en la cumbre. Nunca he visto la nieve en persona, pero las fotos y vídeos que he visto, me hacen sentir que la nieve es maravillosa. Las imágenes son encantadoras, todo nevado. Muchas felicidades por el nuevo año .Muchos besitos, Dios los bendiga😙😙

  6. Am so happy you got your snow. Is it still around? We have almost 2 ft here with single digit and sub zero weather in the northwest. I love snow too. Our Christmas carolers are still encased in ice so we can't take them out of the ground until it thaws a little. I think my husband is secretly happy because he turns on the outside Christmas lights every night. I also love the idea of keeping of the evergreen boughs and adding red hearts for Valentine's Day.


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