Friday, November 11, 2016

God, Please Bless America

When I pass away, what will be left of me for the world to see, are my blog and my fb page. My daughters will be the light of what I tried to teach them.

 I want to leave goodness and love that will live on. 
Instead of looking for the bad, try to see the good. 

That goes for everyone.

The beggar on the street, the person dealing with cancer, the widowed and divorced, the raped and molested. 

No matter what life has dealt you, hold your head up and look to Jesus.

 This world needs Him more now than 

I pray for myself, my family,friends and my country to find Him and keep Him. God, please bless America.

Please join in with me to pray for this country.  Thank you....


  1. Amén, si mi querida hna melanie, más que nunca, Estados Unidos, necesita de la misericordia de Dios. Estaremos orando al trono de la gracia por el oportuno socorro . Muchos besitos ,los bendiga 😙😙

  2. Only Grace has authority over (our) life. All things glorify He who created all things, even when unseen.


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