Monday, August 15, 2016


I think we all have inspirations don't we?  Whether it was something we experienced or saw while we were growing up or later in our lives....something that made an impact somehow.  I have plenty.  A lot of mine have to do with living with my Mammaw when I was little.  She had a mixture of many things in her home.  So when I come across something that reminds me of that time, I try my hardest to replicate it somehow in our home.

So many ask why I use sheets for my slipcovers.  The answer is "Mammaw".  She had the best feeling sheets and they smelled so good fresh off of the line.  Going to bed was so soothing to me.  When I got into my bed during the hot summer months, the bed was always so cool because of the nice percale sheets.  And in the winter, my bed was warm too.  So that's why I love using sheets!  Plus, if you really think about it, sheets are made to last because we are sleeping on them night after night.  So why wouldn't they be perfect for slipcovers?

We recently replaced this sofa with a sectional.  Something I had always wanted for this space downstairs.
I found one at our local Mountain Mission for $199!

I didn't have enough money, so I asked my Mom if she'd loan it to me until payday.  She said yes and was on her way!
The hubby and I took both SUV's to get it and I quickly covered it up once we brought it in.  I couldn't stand the plaid with all of my pastels, lol.
And guess what?  When my Momma left, she whispered in my ear as we hugged, not to worry about the sofa, that it would be a gift from her to me.  Now can you believe that?!  I'm so blessed to have her in my life...she's my best friend!

I knew I'd be making a slipcover for it soon, so this would appease my eyes until then.

It was in excellent condition and very clean.  That's what was so amazing about the price!  It is very comfy...check out my sweetie breaking it in.

And here it is all finished with the slipcover I never thought I'd complete!  I bought two queen quilted coverlets for the cushions and sheets for the rest.  I finished it at 3 am Sunday morning and thought I was going to pass out a few times from being so tired, lol.

But I didn't.
Thankfully our space was big enough for the sectional to fit.  Originally, I had wanted a more petite one.   Having the end tables made from a vanity sure did help on not taking up too much space with it..

I took the opportunity to hang some new and different things on the walls.  I made this from an old armoire door that I painted and distressed.  Adding the shutters and the metal basket gave it a little cottage charm.  When I put the blue bucket and greenery on it, now that made me fall in love!

I'm still tinkering around with the space and my walls, so I'll share that later when I get it the way I want.

Now to share some more inspiration...

Many years ago, a dear friend gave me the center plate above the mirror.  I had no clue what pattern it was nor the name of the china.  But I fell in love with the colors and pattern.  
That began a journey for me to find out.
  It inspired the blue floral fabric I've used throughout the kitchen and living room. 

It is called Georgian Floral in eggshell by Homer Laughlin.  Anne, from Whitelace Cottage had a set that I drooled over for years.  One day, I saw a post that she was getting rid of her set.  
Well guess who got it?

My little china cabinet couldn't hold the bigger pieces, so I had fun using them around the house.  I bet you didn't know that I love china!!!

The colors are so soothing and go so well with all of the pastels throughout our home.

I am thrilled with this platter on the mantle....simple but so pretty against the white.

They go so well with my other china.  I loved mixing pieces!

Putting one in this frame was a no brainer but oh so cute!

And they even made their way into one of the guest rooms!

Well, that's it for now.  I'm sure I'll be doing something else soon so stay tuned.  
Have a blessed week!


  1. I love everything you have done! I have used sheets for several projects! You are so creative in using sheets for slip overs! Love the ruffles too! Your china dishes are beautiful!!

  2. Oh Melanie, I adore your home and your talent is so amazing! I am so happy to see that you found a lovely sofa and your dishes are so amazing. I remember when Anne had that for sale it is so lovely and am so happy that you have it. Thank you for giving me some much needed inspiration. xx Jo

  3. Just absolutely beautiful! I love the idea of using the quilted coverlet looks wonderful. Do you do your bottom ruffle separate, like a little skirt? Would love to see how you do this slipcover. Also really like the small ruffle on the cushions.

  4. Beautiful Melanie. Your sewing talents always amaze. Great job on this sectional. That is a big job. Glad it is comfy.

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