Thursday, April 21, 2016

Always Something New

There is always something new going on here at our home....some hair brained idea I get in the middle of the night it seems.  My husband really loves it when I come up with something new to do.
(that was sarcasm)

Look closely and you'll see the doors that lead out to a bedroom/sitting room.  I always had to make room for the door to swing open and shut which drove me much wasted space!

Well, I wanted to do a sliding barn door but after finding out how much the hardware cost, I came up with a cheap version.  Let's just say, I saved hundreds!

I bought a sliding door track kit and we made the existing door into a was so easy and cost around $30.  

I filled in the holes from the hardware with wood filler and used some door pulls to fill in the handle hole.  Leaving up the cornice hid the track perfectly!  I painted the glass so guests would have privacy since I couldn't put the curtains back up with it sliding now.

See the difference?  Now I have so much more room!

I used a cabinet I had to store our trash can and trash bags since the trash can used to be behind the china cabinet in the corner.   I had to rip out two bottom shelves to make room, but I still ended up with more storage!  If you haven't noticed by now, I have a fetish with hiding the not so pretty things.

To make the doors look different in the back room, I added this post.  It wasn't quite tall enough, so I added a block of wood underneath it.  I love the added charm!

The other side got some sheers and ruffled panels.  I wish I had one more pink shade like I made for the 6 windows a few years back.  It would make this look like window number 7!

But for now, it'll do until I come up with something else.  At least privacy is still offered, lol.

Remember when I redid the stairwell?  Well, we had some spindles and a hand rail left over.  So once again, I came up with how to use them. (nothing goes to waste) 
We still have to build the rest of it, but this facing the yard, looks beautiful  It needed something and this did the trick!  Once the flowers start blooming, it'll be even more beautiful!

Now, to this little pup....she has stolen out hearts!  She's growing like a weed and is soooo SMART!

This is the first time she saw herself in a mirror...just look at her studying herself.  I think she thought she looked pretty, don't you?

She loves to play fetch.  Over and over and over but most of all, she loves to be right by our sides, in our laps and being loved on.  And something that is wonderful....Louis loves her!  They romp and play so well how's that for a dog and a cat being best friends?!  

He's the cat's meow!

I hope everyone is doing well.  I sure have been doing a lot of praying these past few weeks....more than normal.  Seems like so many are going through so much.  I do know one thing though....give it to God and He'll do the rest.


  1. Thank you for the real pleasure I had to look at your changes !! I love also to hide the so not pretty things ...
    So pleasant when our dogs and cats are friends !
    Xoxo from PARIS

  2. I love your idea!!!....I'm going to try it out for my sun porch. We move in two weeks...Your making my want to now! :))


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