Thursday, March 10, 2016

How to DYE a Wedding Dress

In late Spring, my sweetie and I are renewing our vows.  25 YEARS!!!  I bought a used wedding dress because of the price...$75!  When I bought it, it wasn't exactly what I had envisioned, but as a seamstress, the fabric yardage couldn't be beat for that price.   Applique's, organza, tulle, satin.....they all get pricey when you are buying lot's of it.

The dress needed to be cleaned!  But after calling and getting prices, I decided that $150 wasn't where I wanted to spend it at.  So...I washed it in my washer!

It came out white as snow and in perfect condition.  I lost a few seed pearls, but they weren't missed to the eye.

It originally had a zipper in it which made it too small to zip completely.  So, I searched online how to make a corset and I ran across a company that sold them. Here's the link: Laceeis Corsets 
It cost around $40 after shipping from Amazon and came in just a few short days (standard shipping).

This photo isn't very good, but shows after adding it.  I laced it way too tight and it made the ribbon look awful.   I ripped out the zipper first then sewed the corset pieces in and then tried the dress on for the very first time!  Can you believe I bought a dress without being able to see if it fit?!

But....I still wasn't happy.  I had wanted a pale pink dress!  That's where the RIT Dye comes into play.

I bought the liquid, the powder and some color remover for just in case.  I decided to use only half of the liquid  in my bath tub.

Hannah and I were shocked at the bright red color!  I added half the bottle and 1 cup of vinegar to hot water from the spigot.

Then we bit our lips and dropped the dress in.  I wore gloves and had a paint stick, but then decided to just dive in and do it all by hand.

The pale pink started to show and I was beginning to become really happy!

This is it when I pulled it up out of the bath tub.  It was so pretty!

I knew it would lighten up after I washed it in cold water.

And it is slowly becoming my dream dress!

It is absolutely the prettiest shade of pale pink!

The corset definitely added the perfect touch to the back.   I will begin transforming it even more now that it's the perfect color and fits!

Maybe this will help someone to get some ideas and how to save on your piggy bank! 

 Stay tuned for more updates as the months go by...I sure hope it turns out how I'm seeing it in my dreams! 
So far, so good!


  1. OMG---prom goers pay attention. How gorgeous is that...I still have my wedding dress, despite being 'preserved' by the cleaners---it was in my smoking mother's closet and is a disgusting shade of brown....I think I will just drown it in oxy-clean a dozen times and then dye it...circa is tent style with venise lace on the top and trim all around the train, I can always make a new sheath to go underneath...what a brilliant idea and your dress is gorgeous---we will celebrate the 50 year endurance test in might take that long to get the smoke out! Fun---! Sandi

    1. Sandy, I had the same issue with mine being stored at my mother's house! Both my parents smoked heavily but oddly, it was only the (very puffy, Princess Diana-style) sleeves that got stained from the nicotine. Once I got it back in my possession, I sent it to the dry cleaners with not much hope of them being able to make any improvement. To my utter delight, they were able to remove 95% of the stain!!!! I never would've believed it was possible. Don't give up hope, girl!

  2. That is amazing. I never would have thought a wedding dress could be dyed. Good for you for trying that. It looks beautiful.

  3. Really pretty Melanie! I always wondered about dying things with Rit.

  4. Amazing transformation! It's so beautiful :)

  5. Absolutely amazing! I can't imagine how much more embellished it could possibly be, to be more perfect! You will be stunning in it!

  6. oh myyyyyy, Melanie! It's GORGEOUS!!!My husband and I also renewed our vows for our 25th last year and it was wonderful! It was just the two of us, at the Getty Museum, outside and overlooking Malibu Beach. So very sweet and romantic! We each wrote new vows to each other, as well. Can't wait to hear how your renewals go and hopefully see a few photos of the beautiful event! xo Sue

  7. Everyone who hadn't been there was blown away. The food at wedding venues was hands down the best wedding food any of us had ever tasted. We had many of our guests come up to us during the reception and comment as to how delicious the food was.


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