Saturday, February 27, 2016

Using Bedding in an Unconventional Way

I know you know that I use sheets and such for making my slipcovers, but did you know that I use bedding too?

The Bella Rose Blue fabric that I wanted to add more accents of to my kitchen was pricey at $30 a yard, I couldn't afford it until I found this bedding at Target.

Maybe you can tell that the color is a little more aqua on the original fabric compared to the bedding.  But at a distance, it looks great together!  This was the shade I had above our dining table that I had to move due to that fact.

I made another shade to match all that I added to the kitchen.  Here you can see that it's a little more of a true blue.

The chair back covers added what I was so desiring!  A little romance and color!

Yes, I said color....

Making them for the backs of the island chairs really helped too.  I absolutely love my kitchen now!  

Adding more ruffles to the plain white curtains really did the trick by making it all look cohesive.

With the pink and green accent colors, they tie nicely into everything else I have.   Like our shutters and the green picket planter on the island.

I have been toying with which way I want the island.

Facing the sink or the stove....which do you like?

I even made another slipcover for the lampshade on the counter.  Made it perfect!

The bedding sure has been fun to work with after I ripped it all apart.  Hard to believe someone would buy brand new bedding and do that, isn't it?!  

Now let's see...what else can I do with the other side of the comforter?


  1. I have to giggle very time I see more touches of blue--your mother is rubbing off on you. The Bella Rose fabric is one of my favorites, and the way you've used it for the lampshades, chair backs, and curtains is perfect. The ruffled sink skirt is my favorite. I like the island facing the sink--it seems to give a little more space and the girls won't have their backs to the living room door.

  2. I love that you are making lamp shades. Clever girl. I like the chair cozies too. You aren't out tons of money to have the look you wanted. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. Its lovely all of it I adore those chair toppers and the pretty riffled curtain where your sink is, Happy weekend with love Janice

  4. Love the way you repurpose and make things over Melanie! And of course everything looks so warm and homey. I will cut up anything I think I can use in another way also, and it really opens up so many more possibilities. I sure wish we lived close to each other because I have a feeling we could have lots of fun sewing, etc.:-)

  5. Przepięknie :))))))) pozdrawiam Lidka

  6. Gorgeous! Adds the perfect touch to all of your glorious Shabbiness! I love it all, but the sink ruffle makes my heart sing! I just found your blog recently, and truly love your home!


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