Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Sometimes Spring Happens

Even though I absolutely adore Winter, I love for our home to have a Spring-y feel inside all throughout the year.  Spring is my next favorite season because of the flowers...I love flowers!  Mammaw had a green thumb and could make anything grow.  I stayed away from plants for many years...why, I just do not know.  
However, inside, I still love faux greenery and florals.  

I finally made a shopping trip to Home Goods the other day and found a lovely floral arrangement.

The roses look so real!  I had an old silver plated tray that I painted many years ago.  Paired with everything, I think it turned out to be a lovely setting for the coffee table.

House guests always think these miniature pink roses are real.  Found these at Home Goods too many moons ago.   The only downfall to silk flowers are that they do not have that beautiful aroma of real ones.  There is nothing like the smell of a freshly bloomed peony!  Oh, I can't wait for the flowers to start blooming this year!

Baby's breath is another that I love.  The simplicity of it attracts me.  The delicate, tiny white flowers with the green are a  fresh and lively addition to any bloom.

Little touches of greenery and flowers are scattered throughout our home.  Some were cheap while others were pricey.   
While shopping,  I showed some interest in a piece and Hannah informed me that I could make it.  I told her that sometimes I just want to buy it instead of making it.  I do have my lazy days. 

Take this boxwood wreath...I could have made one, but instead, I opted to just buy one when I found out it was under $25 at Home Goods.   

The sun has been shining in all of it's glory this week...don't let it fool you because it is super cold outside!

But that's alright,  it's spring in our home and a nice 73 degrees.  What more could I ask for today because I am so very blessed to have my little family, a full belly and alive!  Sometimes spring a home and in a soul.  Give thanks today for what you've been blessed with and tell God you love Him.  


  1. Hola mi querida melanie , y si mi niña , hay que dar gracias a Dios por cada una de sus bendiciones para con nosotros . Tienes un hogar preciosisimo , me encanta .Cada rincon se ve muy romantico y acogedor .En verdad da muchisimas gracias a Dios por el hogar tan hermoso y acogedor que has formado con tu linda family . Muchos besitos y abrazos . pili fleitas

  2. Melanie, I love all your pretty flowers and the vignettes you have created. I would rather have fake flower that look real any day...they can be used over and over. Blessings to you, xoxo,Susie

  3. Greetings from a cold grey wales in the UK,I absolutely adore your home would love to use all white in my own home but due to the bleak weather had to use cream,your site is my 1st stop for ideas and inspiration,keep it up.charlotte xxx


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