Monday, November 16, 2015

A Girl can DREAM

I am sick...great opening line, right?  Well, I am and have been playing around with some PicMonkey editing. I want snow so bad, so I thought I would make it!

This is where my dreaming comes in.

Spending the day outside two days in a row sure didn't help with this cold I caught from my oldest.  But I sure was happy when I was out there.  Finishing up with all of the Christmas decorations makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  Wait, I'm in my warm and fuzzy bath robe...maybe that's it!

Wreaths seem to be something I am attracted to this year.  I wanted them on each window and thankfully I had just enough.  

I saw a photo on Pinterest that inspired me.  You know me...I love Pinterest!  It's my virtual magazine!

Dollar Tree ribbon and ornaments fit my budget perfectly.

You should have seen the hubby and I up on the ladder adding lights to these trees....and I'm scared of heights!

Maybe people drove by and said, "that Melanie, she's been at it again."  

I guarantee if they saw me out there like this, they would think I had lost it. 
(My girls caught me taking a break and my glasses were all fogged up)

It was just a tad bit nippy to be working outside at night, but that's how I roll.

I love Christmas lights, so working with what we had, I made them work.  I should have taken a photo of the pile I had to throw away that didn't work.  I think of that song about the 12 Pains of Christmas every year with those blasted Christmas lights!  I know it's a money market because the fuses do not EVER work!  The old lights used to last for years and years.  Not anymore!

King Louis loved watching me through the windows.  All warm and cozy while I froze to death, lol.  But he cuddled with me when I came in....oh how I just love this cat!

Well, I think the Nyquil has kicked in and now I must go to bed.  I pray everyone has a blessed week and stays healthy!


  1. Wow, that is just beautiful! you really do have talent. I have been away from blogging for a while but I'm finding myself her alot lately inspired by your own inspiration :-)

  2. Now THAT is the kind of snow I LIKE! You can add what you want with a camera. LOL Being in WI means we will be SNOWED in and FREEZING for months and months and months. I actually like to put my outside lights up after dark because then you can tell if you have them "even" or not.
    Sorry you are sick-hope you get better soon. xo Diana

  3. Your home looks so pretty all lit up......and so do you with your cute hat and blond hair! I bought some icicle lights on clearance last year ....hope we can get them up! We get very little snow here in eastern New Mexico, so I go to picmonkey for mine too.....hugs....

  4. Dios te bendiga mi querida hermana en Cristo , wuau , que preciosidad ,me emcanta . En verdad tu esposo y tu han hecho un gran trabajo , les felicito ,parecen esas casas estadounidenses que salen en las peliculas de navidad , jeje . En la noche con las luces encendidas se ven preciosisimas .Siento mucho que estes enferma , ahora mismo orare por ti, para que el Señor ponga Su mano y te sane . Muchos besitos para ti y tu linda family , por cierto que lindo es luis , se ve muy cariñoso , hasta la proxima , si Dios quiere

  5. Your decorations are beautiful! Great job! Living in SW Florida making pretend snow is the only way we'll get it! It's been so hot! Yesterday a cool front came in a we had a high in the 70's. Yahoo!
    Thanks for sharing. :)


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