Tuesday, April 21, 2015

How To Make a Chandelier Pendant Light and My Birdhouse Picket Gate

I thought I'd do a tutorial on how I made my light over the dining table.  I had another chandelier and wanted one over the office desk we have.  

Here is the chandelier that originally came from Home Depot.  It is the perfect size to make these lights from.

I have this same chandelier over our sink.  When I saw them for sale on a yard sale site, I knew I had to buy them!

I went to Home Goods and found a shade that was the perfect size for $20.  After making a slipcover for it from the British Rose fabric, I began to put it together.

Take the round loop from the top and put the shade onto the metal screw bar after threading through your cords.

Thread your cords through the loop finial.  Then screw it onto the top making sure to get it tight.

Then add a cord cozy if you'd like the cord to not be seen.  I added a plug to mine, so I prefer a cord cozy.  Here is a link on how to splice wires the correct way.  I forgot to take photos, but it is so simple.  

I really love this type of lighting!

I had individual shades on the candles.  The barrel shade softens the light a little bit better.


And this is what it looks like from underneath.

I hope this helps a little on how I made my lights.  Having a smaller type chandelier really helps because large and narrow shades are hard to find and expensive.

The individual shades worked perfectly on the chandelier over the fireplace.    

I have so many pots in the fire right now.  With the pretty weather we've had.  I am wanting to get the outside finished.  
Our new dog, Bella, chews everything to pieces and is a clutz, lol.  But she is the sweetest thing ever.  Very smart...but she has no clue she's as big as she is.

So I had to put up fencing around the rest of the deck and make a gate.  The dogs have made it such a muddy mess.
My sweetie found some old posts out in the woods last Fall and brought them home to me.  Someone had tried to burn them...can you believe what people think is trash?  Solid as a rock but needed some new paint.  We had to cut off the burned part which made them short...perfect for my birdhouse picket gate!

Pardon the shabby, chipped paint.  Everything will get a fresh new coat of white paint once the weather stays dry.

I saw an idea on Pinterest last year and fell in love.   It was a picket fence, all sorts of levels, that looked like birdhouses.  That made me think....

Now this will keep the doggies off of the deck this Summer and my white will stay white. 
Wink Wink

I hope everyone is enjoying their week and that it is a blessed one.


  1. GREAT ideas for the chandliers! perfect and I LOVE that fabric!!!!
    You new "baby"is cute, too...even the baby is a klutz!!!! xo Diana

  2. LOVE the gate! It's just what I think I need on my deck. And, if you don't get a chance to paint your deck, it looks terrific the way it is. I think that is the way I would want mine to look. Might have to give my guys another project or two.

  3. he different colors are perfect for my porch and are a bright spot during the day and the glow of candle light is perfect at night. tropical chandeliers lights


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