Monday, March 9, 2015

Spring is Almost Here

First, let me start off with some photo's of all of the beautiful snow we've had this past month.

I absolutely love snow!  I am a little sad now that it is all melted....but at least I can look at these beautiful photos and remember what it was like until next year....if we don't get anymore.

My little canopy has held up really well!

Oh how I adore Winter!

Just look at how the snow stuck to the trees...that is my favorite.

The views we have through each season are wonderful...all of the beautiful trees, that creek, the little country road.
 there is a road there under all of that snow, lol.

Even though we were without power and our generator was on the fritz, we had a wonderful time.  

We played games by candle light, had super yummy meals cooked on our gas range, stayed really cozy and warm from our gas wall mount stoves for back-up,  and we were able to stick our food outside because of how cold it was. No one had to work or go to school.  Now tell me that we weren't blessed!  

One of my favorite windows to look out and see this tree.  It is loaded with bloom in the Summer and snow in the Winter.  I see lot's of Cardinals and other little birdies eating from this makes me realize just how GREAT God really is.

We have a new addition to our family.  Meet Bella, she is a Newfoundland.  A friend of mine has them and breeds them.  She had puppies last Summer and Bella was one of them.  This sweet girl was returned to my friend due to the owner not being unable to handle her.  When my friend posted that she was needing to find a home for her, I jumped on the chance since I've always wanted this breed but could never afford the price tag.  I was informed that she was free and was a little over a year old.  I met with her later that day and picked Bella up.  She rode home in the back of our Explorer with Hannah giving her support all of the way.  We've had a few bumps along the way, but I am here to say that this dog has won our hearts!  She just needed some loving and freedom to be a dog.  She sits, shakes, plays fetch, knows what no means (finally), and loves to be hugged.  We purchased a wireless fence system and she caught on really quick, lol.  Being by a road, you have to be careful. I just love her to bits!  Come summer time, she'll need to be shaved down due to some serious matting.  Her previous owner evidently did keep her groomed.  We gave her a bath right away, groomed her as best we could and the whole time she just gave us was like she was saying "thank you for rescuing me".  Gabe and Louis like her too.  She is a great addition to our little family!

I've been dreaming of Spring flowers in the midst of all of the snow.  I went to Michael's and bought some flowers and added them to this metal basket.

They had some moss in a roll that I purchased too.  It looks so pretty hiding the foam and stems.

I had lot's of flowers left over, so I made an arrangement for my old metal bucket.

I am ready for the real thing now!

It seems that I am always tweaking things with our office.  I had made a ruffled piece to go on the door which hides our computer.  I wasn't thrilled. So I pulled out some beadboard and re-did it.

Adding an applique did the trick!

A cheap way to hide something ugly.

I love our office area!

I have been itching to paint or I bought this piece and re-did it.  I stayed up until 3 am working on it.  Once I get a vision, I will not stop until it is finished!

The applique' was one of  many I purchased from Dollar Tree a few years ago and have never used until now.

Every day is truly a gift!

I have so much more to chat about and share, but I'll save that for a little later.  I sure have missed you guys!  May all of you be blessed coming and going and know God's true love!


  1. Oh- I wish I had your love for winter-especially living in WI...but I really like the warm temperatures and dread the cold. I love the beauty of the snow but not the reality of living with it. Everything is JUST gorgeous, as it always is, Melanie. Blessings to you- xo Diana

  2. Loved all your pics Melanie especially the ones of Bella. She is so cute. What a great addition to your sweet family.

  3. I am so glad you posted. I have been thinking about you and concerned that maybe you had some difficulties. Now I know all is well.
    You have a wonderful way to see the blessings in in the snow. I am not so inclined. We have had a beautiful sunny winter and got by
    with only one day of snow this year. And I am truly grateful for that.

  4. Hi Melanie!

    I love your blog ... it's all so romantic and beautiful! Always have inspirations for those who like a sweet decoration.

    Big hug,


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