Monday, October 6, 2014

Marrying Pieces

I don't know if I shared Mammaw's old Hoosier cabinet with you here on the was recently given to me by my Uncle Jack.  It used to be in her pantry and I remember making many a biscuits on the old enamel top.  She would give me a scoop of flour and I would spread it out,  then she'd give me some of her dough.  Of course my biscuits would be hard as rocks and tiny.... Oh what sweet memories!   Mom remembers making biscuits on the enamel top too.  
Mammaw kept chocolate chips and mini marshmallows in the upper cabinets.  My buddies   and I would find them and add to our ice cream.  It was always a thrill to find those treats stashed away for a sweet surprise!

I had planned on putting it in the laundry room but after discovering it was too wide, I had to come up with a new plan.  So I decided to marry the upper piece with this cabinet. 
(a changing table I repurposed)

It was the perfect depth by the closet and also long enough for the upper part of Mammaw's cabinet to sit on.

So this is what I did.

I had two knobs left over from another piece of furniture that matched the bottom cabinet's knobs.  Talk about being HAPPY!

I gave it a new paint job and lined the shelves with some pretty wallpaper I've had for over a year.  Just itching to use it somewhere!

Louis has been opening the closet doors and scratching up the toilette this is gonna work out great!  He's such a stinker!

The old flour bin still works, so maybe later I may use it to store his cat food.  The roll top needed some work to function properly, but it was all still in tact after all of these years!  The entire piece was in great shape!

For now, I am storing the bottom half (my favorite part) in our storage room where it won't be damaged.  I'm giving you a little peak of that room...please don't judge me.  We all have to have that one space for all of our junk, right?  Thankfully I have the garage too!

My bath stool that I used when I came home from my hospital stay 4 years ago is the perfect height for the cabinet.  I may be doing some crafting right here....perfect spot so that I don't have to clean up afterwards.

I love looking in from the adjoining "little girls room" and seeing a part of Mammaw.  I know she'd be tickled how it turned out and with it having a new lease on life.  She always was so excited to see and hear about what I was into.  
I sure do miss her.

Of course Louis had to get in on the fun.  This is his room.  The litter pan fits perfectly under the table and skirt and his little bed is in a basket under the other cabinet.  All nice and hidden...just the way I like things to be.

The window is a perfect spot for him to lay and watch the birds since they love building nests and hanging out on the deck.

I'm still loving what we did in here a few years ago.  It's definitely a room I don't hate coming into anymore.  
I still don't like doing laundry though, lol.

So for now, Louis says so long.  And I hope you are having a blessed week...


  1. You have such a gorgeous house! Even the laundry room is pretty. My laundry is in the garage and I so would never post a photo--lol. It is embarassing. :) Love that chair that Louis is sitting on :)

  2. What a cute piece. I have never been able to "marry" anything, it seems they are always the wrong size...You did a great job


  3. Melanie- That is really a great piece that you got from your family. I love best that you have such good memories attached to it. I think it is wonderful that you were able to marry the top with the other piece you had.
    Your little Louis is just so sweet. Makes me miss having a kitty so much- xo Diana

  4. Mom would be shaking her head at your ideas and I can hear her saying, "That Melanie never ceases to amaze me!" Pieces like this cabinet that hold so many great memories are precious, and giving them new life is your calling.

  5. Youre so talented and Louis is sooo cute!


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