Saturday, August 16, 2014

More Ruffles

Hi all, I hope your weekend is full of blessings and fun.  I've been a little down under the weather so I decided to perk myself up with a bit of sewing.  
I absolutely love to sew, and after a few late nights looking on Pinterest, I just had to do something creative!

So, I made the two smaller pillows with some old sheets and some left over lace.  I decided to do more white on the sofa. 
(as you can see the slip cover needs to be washed) 

Something simple and easy that made me feel better.  Of course, once I start sewing, I look for more things to sew.

Then I made two of these ruffled shams, but had no idea as to where I was going to put them.  I've moved them around since I took these photos.

I left this one on the bed for now.

I thought it looked good with the ruffled curtains.

I'm still loving the canopy and thankfully I can still feel the ceiling flashes are for the birds!

I hung the big mirror under the scroll since I moved the settee from the bottom of the bed.  I had nowhere else but here...thank goodness it fit!

I hung this sign that I've had tucked away in storage.  I love that this is what you see and it really makes a person think about Faith, Hope and Love.  It makes me think of how blessed I am and how much God loves little me.

 I had to move some furniture around, so....

I played musical chairs, or should I say that my girls did, lol.  I had them carry 1 chair upstairs and then one down the stairs.  I took a few videos and some photos while they were "trying" to get the first chair up the stairs.  They make me laugh!

Now tell me, what is wrong with this picture?  lol  Don't ya think Sara (the tallest) should be the one where Hannah is?  I can't stop laughing....

Once I was able to stop giggling, I decided to take down all of the stuff on top of the old gun cabinet.  Adding the "family" tin sign and some old milk pails made it look less cluttered and a little cleaner to me.

I made one more pillow, but didn't take a photo of it.  It is upstairs and I am too lazy to walk up and take one, lol.  It's late and I am waiting on the hubby to get home.  I think I'll relax a bit and hopefully get sleepy.  Have a great weekend....


  1. Melanie,
    Love all your sewing creations. You have such a wonderful gift to be able to sew. Love all your ruffles. You know you can never have enough ruffles! Everything looks so pretty.

  2. Love all the white ruffles, looks like my kind of place :)

  3. You do such a beautiful job with your sewing! I wish I loved to sew like you do--I love the after feeling but not the during!

  4. Lots of great changes! I used to sew all the time but don't have a machine right now! Love all of your pillows!

  5. I wish I had the special touches that you do !! EVERYTHING looks so pretty.......... House of hubby and sons ~ nothing of floral prints and girly and ruffles!! I love seeing your posts !!

  6. Gorgeous home Melanie! How do I follow your blog?

  7. Hello Melanie, am new here, love your house, all the ideas you have, you are a true inspiration to me! Do you have a tip on how to make those beautiful ruffles you make on everything? Is it sewing straight and the gather the fabric,? Love to look at your pictures, just makes me happy! Sending positive thoughts from Holland for all the ill ones around you. Hugs, Sandra

  8. Your home is to die for. May I ask that plain white chair did you paint the upholstery white.. I'm have some chairs like that and have seen it done HUMMMM!!


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