Monday, June 2, 2014

For the LOVE of Peonies

Today has been such a beautiful day...the sun is shining, a little breeze is blowing and I am feeling blessed!
Yesterday, I got to spend some time with my Aunt Judy at the hospital.  We got to talk and she joked a little with us which made us all happy.  Please keep praying, I told her all of you were and she seemed to really love that.  

Now, on to my beloved peonies!  I finally decided to cut some and bring them in....the ants have had their share, now it's my turn!

They smell so Heavenly!  I couldn't figure out exactly where I wanted to have you are going to see  before I finally decided.

First, the ledge over the kitchen sink...

Then....the living room on the coffee table.

As warm as it is outside today...looking at this photo actually cools me down.  

Don't they stand out beautifully?

But then I decided to put them behind the love seat so I could smell them in both rooms.

They are just so pretty!

I had a time trying to get all of the ants off....I know they got mad at me!

But they can have them again next year, so they'll just have to get over it.


  1. Oh those peonies look so pretty. I love them and want some here. But my husband says it's too windy around here. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. Hi Melanie,
    So happy to hear Aunt Judy is doing great and still have a sense of humor with all she has been through. My prayers are still coming for her. Love the peonies they look so pretty.

  3. I can imagine the wonderful fragrance from your beloved peonies! And isn't that Mom's old pitcher that you've used for them? She would be so pleased.

  4. I LOVE peonies, Melanie! I can't wait for mine to bloom. I had to move them a couple of years ago and this year finally they are going to bloom with more than 2 blooms. I LOVE the way the smell...and I guess the ants do, too. xo Diana

  5. I love your shabby home and these peonies are gorgeous

  6. They are absolutely amazing.Maybe if you have more bloom you could take some to your Aunt Judy.I'm sure they would brighten her hospital stay as they have my day by seeing them.Praying every day for her continuing improvement.Lots of love and blessings to all.Your friend in Oz Lisa

  7. Your Peonies are just gorgeous! Mine are almost done--just brought in my last few bouquets. I will miss them!

  8. So lovely!!!!
    Kissss from Belgium...


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