Saturday, May 3, 2014

Picket Fences

Here's a little update on what I've been up to.  Remember me saying that I wanted to do a little something to add some character to the built in seating?  Well, I decided on a picket fence and a gate.  We still have more to do, but you'll get the idea.  
I am in love!

I want to continue it around but now the hubby is sick so I have to wait until he recovers so we can do it together.

So today I painted the picket fence and gate along with some furniture for others.

I have so many people wanting me to paint their furniture for them...but all I have in my head is wanting to get the back deck finished, lol.

I have had some old insulators and was inspired by the chandy on the left that I found on Pinterest.  My table needed something so I made my own rendition of it.  I want to keep little flower clippings in them once they start blooming.  Peonies especially...they will smell heavenly!

I want to add a peaked roof line to the entrance so I made up a fake photo to see if I like it with or without.  I like it with...what about you?

I think it will really make that scrolly piece stand out more.  It will give it a nice frame.  I am so tickled with how everything is turning out!

I hope you all are enjoying your weekend....I sure am!


  1. It looks wonderful Melanie! Hope hubby gets better soon. I had a bunch of insulators years ago...great idea ! :)

  2. You have soooooooooo much energy, Melanie! I have so much respect for you.

  3. Looks amazing! You really have the decorating eye. Do you paint your furniture by hand or with a sprayer? Would love to see a tutorial on the paint you use and painting tips, etc. Enjoy the rest of your weekend...Stephanie

  4. I LOVE the addition of the picket fencing. You are so good at putting that all together. Sorry your hubby is sick though. I didn't realize that you painted for other people. You work full time, too, don't you-outside of the home, I mean?
    Can't wait to see more of it come together AND Yes- I like the triangular topper- I would probably make it a "frame" so that scrolly piece rested fully inside the triangle. GREAT idea! xoDiana

  5. I just love that picket fence idea--it is so garden like and cute!

  6. Love this Melanie. Nothing says charming like a picket fence. I have two of the insulator chandeliers and love them hanging in my garden too. Everything looks wonderful. Hope the hubby feels better.

  7. It looks really pretty Melanie!!! Where did you buy your pickets from? I like how light weight they are. Everything looks so pretty. And I do love the arch above the top of your porch roof.


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