Saturday, October 19, 2013


As I added a curtain to this piece trying to hide it's barren state, it hit me. So many people in this world put up curtains trying to hide flaws or to make something prettier or to provide privacy. This goes for us as people with our emotions, feelings, thoughts, opinions, spirituality, our beliefs. As a girl I saw many people put up curtains and it never really did what they were supposed to. All it did was hide the problem for a time being, but the curtains faded in their color, got holes, became thin and lost their beauty entirely...all to come back to the very same thing they were trying to hide. Why do we do these things? Are we scared of rejection or not feeling loved? When someone comes to you asking to be loved, do you turn them away because you are scared your curtain will come down? Love is the greatest gift of all. Love is always there, ready to show flaws and all, to make you feel welcome, safe, secure, and gives you hope and answers to your problems. It does so many wonderful things, but we tend to shut it down because we are so scared of being hurt if it is not given back when we give it. I decided to tear my curtains down throughout my life and it is the most wonderful liberating feeling! But when you put those curtains back up, the air cannot flow through, it blocks out the light, it hides the view outside....lets tear down our curtains and be in God to feel His love and enjoy life! ~Sweet Melanie~


  1. I agree with you, sister! AMEN!! I find, more and more, people are becoming a lot less open. They play "head games" (which I never "got"), and the people they hurt the most are sad! My husband has always said I am an "open book". The problem with that is people get the feeling that I'm the one playing the "head games", lol! They don't know "true blue" when they see it. And it is only going to be more and more this way until the Rapture...

  2. SO true. Thankyou for expressing it so beautifully.

  3. Beautifully said! Yes I feel the same way about curtains.I guess that is why I love lace.It lets the light flow through adding a little glow to a room.

  4. I came across your blog via a Pinterest pin.... so glad to have found you. I just became a follower and I very much look forward to going through your archives!


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