Friday, November 30, 2012

How to make a dining chair slipcover


This is what the slipcover will look like when fitting.  It is easier to fit this way when it's inside out.
And this is the finished product...Hopefully!  I recommend studying photos and look up "How to make a slipcover" on youtube.  Ther are many to choose from that will suit your needs.  If you have a slipcover already, turn it inside out, study it, get a concept of how you'll be piecing it together.   You could even rip it all apart and use it as a pattern for different fabric if you aren't  using it anymore.   I've made many slipcovers through the years, so to me, this is easy...but it took some guts to finally start doing it instead of procrastinating about it.   I hope I haven't confused you any and I hope this will help a little.
Now go make a time like the present!


  1. Melanie~ That is a WONDERFUL tutorial. I have made several slip covers and don't think I could do a tutorial like this one- GREAT job! xo Diana

  2. You make it look so easy:) Im afraid I would be at it all day long:). I love the slip covers!

  3. Very good tutorial! Gosh, I need to make some of those myself...

  4. You are my kind of gal....gotta make these. My style is a cross between Shabby Chic and French Country. If it stands still, I Shabby Chic it. Thank you for the tips. BJ Anderson Yippie


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