Monday, October 8, 2012

My British Rose Settee

Guess what I did with this?

A friend on facebook sent me a message about this settee that she had bought but hadn't had the time to re do it.  She offered it to me so I JUMPED on it!

This is what I invisioned.....

I knew what I had to do to the duvet...for a week I went back and forth about the decision.  Finally I thought "what the heck!"

When I picked it up from the lady I was buying it from, she handed me a bag full of the tufting buttons.  And do you know what?

They were all in excellent condition matching the British Rose perfectly with it's green and blues.

I painted the settee, reupholstered it and made a seat cushion all nice and fluffy.  I think she really turned out beautifully!

At the end of our bed was a chest....I was so worried that the settee would overpower the space since the chest was simple and white.  But after adding it to the bottom, I feel like it blends in perfectly.  Plus I can still lay all of our pillows on and under it.

I played musical chairs again...can you tell?

Making sure we had plenty of walk space so that we wouldn't crack our toes in the middle of the night....

I am working on other projects with the rest of the duvet fabric, so more photos to come in the near future!


  1. She turned out beautiful! What a lovely addition to ur British Rose bedroom! Glad ur enjoying the duvet, makes me feel very blessed that used it for something so pretty....Bonnie

  2. So that duvet is what you used for the fabric--great idea! It turned out so pretty--your bedroom really does look like a peaceful retreat!

  3. Wow that is really pretty. I love the British Rose design. It came out so nice. Great job.

  4. That is just so beautiful! You did a wonderful job on it.

  5. Wow, this turned out beautifully. I love the fabric. And, your bedroom is just beautiful!


  6. Wow, I love the British Rose (it is in one of my daughter's bedrooms, and it's one of my very favorites). Your bedroom is stunning, and I love what you did with the duvet and settee. You are so talented! I want to show my daughter your room when she gets home from school.

    Ricki Jill

  7. I have looked at your entire blog and I am drooling. I love everything you have done with your sweet home. We have the same tastes, and you are so talented.
    Hope you will come by and browse my blog too. I'll be back often.
    Glitter and roses

  8. Melanie you are on a roll for sure! I have never tried upholstering! You seem to be doing great with it! The fabric really is a perfect choice for the settee. What a nice gift she sent you and how lucky the settee became available! It was a match made in heaven! Hugs, Liz

  9. Melanie - What a beautiful project!! You did an amazing job and the duvet was the perfect fabric. Really dreamy. Your bedroom is just gorgeous!



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