Sunday, August 5, 2012


Ok....I so apologize for not posting for such a long time...please forgive me.  I have been so busy that I don't know what the heck happend to our summer!  We had plans of a vacation, little trips and lot's of visiting...but NO!  Health problems with us and our animals, losing my beloved Tinker, getting a new puppy that's still in the animal hospital for an upper respriatory infection, trying to run a business online, power outages and lightning striking our home, and all the other stuff that goes along with everyday living....shwew!  Makes me tired just thinking about it!

So I had a few minutes and thought that I'd share with you the projects that I've worked on, our new puppy and some other things.  So this will be a hodge podge of photo's of what my summer has consisted of....

This is my beloved Tinker.  She went missing awhile back and it just breaks my heart.

She was mine....when I would pick her up, she'd roll into me like she was giving me a hug.  Only me did she do this for...I miss her so....

This is Ozzy....he lived in a tree, lol.  He was so skiddish that I really didn't think we'd keep him.  But little did I know how he would melt my heart and now he wants to be around us all the time.

My oldest daughter caught him in my watering can...

They truly loved eachother...poor Ozzy is all alone now.

So as if we really needed anymore animals...we decided to get a puppy since our dog Gabe is getting a little grey.

He's such a sweetheart...this was actually the day before I had to take him to the vet.  He was watching me paint.

I'm hoping that I get to bring him home tomorrow...we miss him so much!

And this is Gabe....can you tell all the babysitting has worn him out?

We had a really bad storm that left us without power for 9 days.  We were a few of the blessed ones that got it back on...some went without for two weeks or more!

The wind blew up some of our shingles....these are just a few shown, but they were like this all in the front.  My handy hubby fixed them and made sure all was ok.

Trees were down everywhere!  But it could have always been worse....I thank God it wasn't! 

 I couldn't take the blonde anymore so I went back to my favorite color!

I've made slipcovers, window treatments, pillowshams and all sorts of other sewing projects.

Worked on things for the online shop.

Bought all sorts of things on fb yardsale to repurpose not to mention this beauty that I painted!

And decided to keep!

I've been so overwhelmed that these lovelies are almost dead from my neglect...

I've painted special orders.....

And the list goes on!


A trip to town....

We've enjoyed some ball games and great food!

And last but not least.... health issues with our oldest!

So now you'll know why I have been so scarce here in blog land. 
Where the heck did Summer go?



  1. Good to see you post--at least I have been able to keep up with you on FB. I can't believe your life lately. I hope things slow down a bit for you soon! Sorry about your Tinker--looks so much like my Fez. New puppy is darling--hope your daughter is doing better.

  2. Wow! To say you have been busy is putting it mildly! I feel so bad for you with your missing dog!!! I had a cat go missing on me 16 years ago, and she is still so in my heart!! Love all the projects you have worked on, and I hope your daughter recovers quickly! Take care!!!

  3. You've certainly been busy and productive. Here's hoping that everyone is better soon and all moves smoothly from here on out.

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about all your trials at this time. I too have blogged little for the past two months so I'm way behind on alot of peoples lives. I do hope the rest of the summer goes well for you and your family....especially your sweet daughter. How you got all those GREAT projects done in the midst of everything blows me away. I LOVE LOVE LOVE evething you've done from that darling slip covered bench to the chandelier, desk/dresser, cute chair plantstand etc. You have such an eye and wow what a great seamstress you are. I don't see your store on your blog. Is it just a physical address or do you have etsy store or?. I love all the things you do Melanie. AND I like your hair color too. I just went back to mine too. But you look beautiful no matter what color it is so you need to be pleased with yourself. N.

  5. Poor girl and family! You have had a crazy time of it lately. Things are looking brighter though, I hope. Take care Melanie. Your hair looks pretty this color.

  6. Hi Melanie :)
    Seems like summer holidays passed many of us by this included...we didn't get to do any of the things we'd planned when my car died suddenly ( a car is needed where I live) but when my 7 yr old say 'thanks for memories mom' I admit I feel somewhat grateful!! hehe


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