Friday, December 9, 2016

A Blue Christmas

As many of you know, our master is downstairs.  It's a space that my husband and I love, so decorating it for Christmas is always fun.  Last year, my sweetie came up with the idea for adding lights behind the curtains and around our bed.  He said "it's romantic"  

He sure is a romancer!

Our basement only has one window, so light in the Winter months is rare, so please forgive the quality of the photos.

I added pine and white snowflakes to the head and foot board.  Sorry it looks black, in reality, it is a pretty fresh pine green.  Not the kind that has a blue tint to it.  But again, capturing colors in this space if hard.

With all of the white, the pine looks so pretty to me.  But again, I can't quite capture the colors just right.

We have two trees up, one smaller at the foot of the stairs and the other by the window.  Between those and the bed, the lighting is so soft all across the open space.

Going to bed is something neither of us have fact, we love to lay in bed and talk about things, our hopes and dreams for our daughters and life in general.  

We can see the tree from every angle.  I kinda like it in the day shows the details a little better. The rag garland my youngest and I made sure does.

I laid a pair of ice skates and a violin under the tree.  I use this tree for "away" family presents an d our tree upstairs for  my husband, and daughters presents.  It makes it much easier to keep them separated.

I'll probably get a green tree for next year for here and use this one upstairs in the pink and green room.

We love Christmas, so angels are a given since it's Baby Jesus's birthday.  I like to think about what a glorious day that was. The angels were singing and blowing their trumpets in Heaven, I'm sure.  

He really is the best gift we could all ever receive.

This little tree has been around for many, many years.  Putting it in the pail bucket makes it cuter, don't ya think?

I love adding poinsettias and pine along with ornaments to things, especially to the top of this old gun cabinet.  The little sign I made last year gives a little Christmas cheer.

And of course mirrors add some sparkle with spreading the light around.  The ornaments, topiary and NOEL blocks were all finds at Home Goods a few years back.  
I love that place!

Our sectional is doing well and we still love it! 

Having the tray on the ottoman helps with drinks and gives me another place to add some Christmas charm.  I love this little crown, it makes me think, again, about Baby Jesus.  
A King was born.....

It's just a nice space to be in.  It's so soothing no matter what time of year it is.

I found this Merry Christmas Mirror at Michael's this year....isn't it pretty?!

It looks so nice paired with the other mirror and frame.  And as long as I breathe, I will always say Merry Christmas!

There are so many more details that you all are missing like the mantle and the office area.  The lighting was really low the day I took all of these photos.  Maybe I will try again and share those later.  But for now, take my word for it...the space is beautiful and dreamy to see.

I hope all of you have a blessed weekend!


  1. Given my absolute love for anything blue, I don't think I even need to give my reactions to this space. And being able to see and enjoy it in person with you makes it even more gorgeous. Dreamy, soothing, romantic, comfortable, peaceful, soft...I'm running out of adjectives.

  2. Hola mi querida hna melanie. Wuau ,súper encantador vuestro dormitorio. Muy romántico, muy acogedor, muy agradable, muy cálido. Un lugar de ensueño para tu esposito y tu. Los detalles navideños lo hacen aún más cálido y acogedor. Muchos besitos, Dios los continúe bendiciendo. Si , lo más importante de la Navidad, es que celebramos el cumpleaños de nuestro amado Señor y Salvador, amén, gloria a Dios, aleluya 😙😙

  3. Absolutely beautiful!


  4. Oh my God!!
    I love your bedroom, it's amazing.
    The pine garland, the mirrors, all the white,the lights in your bed (a princess bed),....It's a paradise!!
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful home.
    Love from Spain.

  5. Your bedroom suite is so charming! I love the timeless blue and white. What beautiful dreams you and hubby must have.
    Merry Christmas! xx jo

  6. Your home is so beautiful. The white is gorgeous esp those lights over the bed.

  7. Wow! Just. Wow! It is all so gorgeous! What a soothing, comforting place to begin and end your days! I would never get out of bed! The entire area is breathtaking!

    We just used this color in our dining room, with white wainscoting,doors and trim; and I just keep going in and turning on the light and stand there absorbing it all. I may have to use it in more rooms!

    Thank you for sharing your personal space, and tell your husband, he was right, it is romantic!

  8. It is just romantically beautiful, Melanie. I love that your bedroom is like a private haven for you and hubby. It is a gorgeous space. Everything looks fresh and beautiful. I really like that little green faux tree in the bucket. Hope you have a blessed weekend- xo Diana

  9. Romantic isn't the word for your bedroom----DREAMY maybe....LOL. Gorgeous photos, and such lovely pieces you have in your spaces. Thanks so much for the tour and sharing. Sandi

  10. Beautiful! I feel so relaxed while looking at your gorgeous pictures! Love how you did around the bed, thank you for sharing, Hugs

  11. I love, love, love, your bedroom, but now you've put me in a real quandry!! We're just in the process of converting an old storehouse into my new downstairs bedroom (I'm disabled), and I thought I'd got it clear in my mind the style that I wanted, but now .......... the wheels are turning, what have you done to me? Seriously though, are all the frills and things difficult to keep clean and looking as lovely as they look in your pictures?

    Thanks for sharing your Christmas home with us.

    Judi in the UK

  12. where can i buy beding and drapes around bed please Tina


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